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Criminal Code Act 1924 (No. 69 of 1924)

Medical termination of pregnancy

164.  (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in section 134, 135 or 165, but subject to this section, a person is not guilty of a crime in relation to the termination of a pregnancy which is legally justified . . .

(7) Subject to subsection (8), no person is under a duty, whether by contract or by any statutory or other legal requirement, to participate in any treatment, including any counselling authorised by this section, to which the person has a conscientious objection.

(8) Nothing in subsection (7) affects any duty to participate in treatment which is necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman or to prevent her immediate serious physical injury.

Note:  Superseded by Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Act (No. 72 of 2013)