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Tissue Trafficking

Testimony of Wang Guoql
(China) (2001)

  • Introduction | Wang Guoql was a doctor at a Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital who willingly participated in organ harvesting from executed prisoners. However, after a particularly gruesome experience he experienced a conflict of conscience and tried to avoid further involvement in the process. His initial attempt was rejected and he was met with various forms of pressure to continue his participation.
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Secrets of the Dead-Baby Industry
(Canada & USA: 1999)

  • Celeste McGovern | . . .Fetuses ranged in age from seven weeks to 30 weeks and beyond. Typically, Kelly harvested tissue from 30 to 40 "late" fetuses each week. "We were taking eyes, livers, brains, thymuses, and especially cardiac blood...even blood from the limbs that we would get from the veins," she says. . .
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