Project Submission to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Re: Women’s access to lawful medical care: the problem of unregulated use of conscientious objection.

(6 October, 2010)

  • Background | On 7 October, 2010, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) considered a report recommending that freedom of conscience be denied to denominational health care facilities and, in  large part, to medical practitioners. Project Submission

Why ‘public’ should not mean ‘atheist’

The Ottawa Citizen

Iain Benson*

Nothing in our theories or history should support turning religious believers and their communities into second-class citizens when it comes to public involvement and funding. In short, atheism and agnosticism ought not to be favoured public claimants in Canada any longer. . .
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Nurses who refused to assist in abortion disciplined

 (New York, USA: 2010)

  • Pete Sheehan | Eight nurses who refused to participate in an abortion at Nassau University Medical Center here March 31 are resisting disciplinary action levied on them by hospital officials. . . Full Text

Illinois HB2354 to nullify Health Care Right of Conscience Act

 (Illinois, USA: 2009-2010)

  • Sean Murphy* | Illinois has a broadly worded protection of conscience law for health care workers, one of the most comprehensive in the United States.  There seems to be no evidence that the law has caused any problem in the state. Perhaps for this reason, those who want to suppress freedom of conscience have not tried torepeal or amend the existing law.  Instead, they have introduced a bill that will effectively nullify the Health Care Right of Conscience Act. Full Text