Study reveals US Catholic hospitals are providing surgical sterilization

A study by Dr. Sandra S. Hapenney has revealed that almost half the Catholic hospitals surveyed in seven states performed over 20,000 surgical sterilizations and billed them as “sterilization for contraceptive management.”   The results of the study are disputed by Catholic Health Association of the United States, which, despite not having reviewed it, has stated that it contains “gross errors.”

Dr. Hapenney has demanded that the CHAUSA identify the errors. “Until they establish facts contrary to the findings of my research, they should avoid inaccurate and uniformed disparaging characterizations. Such attacks are as unjust and unwarranted as they are unworthy of the Catholic heritage these institutions represent.” [Daily Record]


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  1. This is particularly significant because Catholic teaching forbids such procedures, and Catholic bishops in the United States have almost unanimously protested plans by the Obama administration to force the provision of insurance coverage surgical sterilization.

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