Paediatricians refusing families for not vaccinating children

There appears to be an increase in the number of parents in the United States refusing vaccinations for their children, and a significant number of paediatricians are responding by refusing to continue with the families in their practices.  More than 30% of Connecticut paediatricians responding to a survey reported that they had asked families to leave their practices because of a refusal to immunize.  The study did not attempt to ascertain the reason for this.

Modern Medicine; Leib S, Liberatos P, Edwards K.  Pediatricians’ experience with and response to parental vaccine safety concerns and vaccine refusals: a survey of Connecticut pediatricians. Public Health Rep. 2011 Jul-Aug;126 Suppl 2:13-23


One thought on “Paediatricians refusing families for not vaccinating children”

  1. Reported anecdotal remarks suggest that the refusals result from frustration that parents will not follow physician advice, or from attempts, through a punitive practice policy, to secure compliance from parents. This is not an exercise of freedom of conscience.

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