Controversy over sex selective abortions in Canada

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has reported that sex selective abortion is being practised in Canada despite opposition from the public and from professional associations and regulators.  The accompanying editorial, which advocated refusing to disclose fetal sex until after the 30th week of pregnancy, was headed, “It’s a girl! could be a death sentence.”

Sex Selection Migrates to Canada CMAJ January 16, 2012 cmaj.109-4091
“It’s a girl!” could be a death sentence. CMAJ January 16, 2012, doi: 10.1503/cmaj.120021

One thought on “Controversy over sex selective abortions in Canada”

  1. The report and editorial demonstrate the inconsistency of those in the medical and ethical establishment who criticize health care workers who object to abortion for other reasons and attempt to force them to facilitate the procedure by referral.

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