UNFPA head promotes aggressive approach to “reproductive rights”

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, has published and editorial that extols the passage of the Philippines Reproductive Health Act.  He argues that “family planning is a long established human right” and makes a claim for “reproductive rights,” and asserts that it is necessary to “tear down . . . barriers that prevent [people] from accessing information and services.”

One thought on “UNFPA head promotes aggressive approach to “reproductive rights””

  1. “Family planning” might be considered a human right if it is understood to mean that parents have a right to determine the number and spacing of their children.  However, Dr. Osotimehin and other activists go far beyond this with claims of “reproductive” and “sexual” rights that are morally and legally contested.  Among the “barriers” many of them identify and plan to tear down is freedom of conscience among health care workers. See

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