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Protection of Conscience Project

Janet Ajzenstat, Professor of Political Science at McMaster University in Hamilton     Ontario, has joined the advisory board of the Protection of Conscience Project.
Professor Ajzenstat teaches public law and political philosophy.  Her most recent     books are Canada’s Founding Debates (edited with Paul Romney, Ian Gentles and     William D. Gairdner [Stoddart, 1999], and Canada’s Origins (edited with Peter J.     Smith [Carleton University Press, 1995]).  She is associated with the Centre for     Renewal in Public Policy and the Dominion Institute.  In 1988-89 she was Executive     Director of the Human Life Research Institute (now the Barrie de Weber Institute). Her  most recent contribution to reports for the Institute is Going it Alone (co-authored with Elizabeth Cassidy, Elise Carter and Gerald Bierling), a study of pregnant, unmarried women who have chosen to continue their pregnancies.

The Protection of Conscience Project is a non-denominational, non-profit group of     individuals consisting of a project team and advisory board.  The Project

  •  advocates for protection of conscience legislation;
  • provides information on protection of conscience legislation worldwide;
  • promotes clarification and understanding of the issues involved to assist in reasoned public discussion;
  • acts as a clearing house for reports from people who have been discriminated against for reasons of conscience.

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