Quebec official considers expanding euthanasia to minors, dementia patients

Although Bill 52, Quebec’s euthanasia legislation, has not yet passed the National Assembly, the secretary of the Collège des médecins du Québec, the state regulator of medical practice, has suggested that grounds for euthanasia will likely be broadened after the bill passes.  Dr. Yves Robert, speaking of Alzheimer patients and those under 18, said “We will have to think about that, not only for [incapable] adults but
obviously for youngsters who face terminal diseases.” [National Post]  His statement is consistent with statements made by various groups giving evidence in committee hearings.  For example, the Quebec Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights takes the position that failing to provide euthanasia for mentally incompetent patients and minors would constitute a violation of human rights, and warned legislators that if they did not amend the bill to include it, the change would be forced through civil action.

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