Increasing resistance to assisted suicide among U.K. physicians

Daily Mail

Press Association

Fewer than one in five doctors would be willing to help patients end their  lives, according to a new poll. . . . a survey of 600 doctors by the Medix consultancy found that 60 % are  against a change in the law to allow physician-assisted suicide.

This is a rise of 17 points from the last time the same question was asked –  just 43% were against a change in 2004 . . . [See full text at Most doctors oppose assisted dying.]

One thought on “Increasing resistance to assisted suicide among U.K. physicians”

  1. The assisted suicide bill being considered by the House of Lords includes a protection of conscience provision that states that no one can be compelled to “participate” in assisted suicide. This provision should be understood to exclude a requirement for referral, since a requirement for referral in an earlier version of the bill was dropped by its sponsor as a result of opposition from those objecting to the procedure and a negative report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights.

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