Doctors Should Not Be Forced to Prescribe the Pill

Huffington Post

There’s a Toronto-based business called the Red Tent Sisters, which gives sex advice to women. They are advocates for women’s health, offering classes in everything from contraception to fertility and sexuality. They encourage women to leave hormonal contraception behind. “Ditch the Pill,” says their website, “and reclaim your health, happiness and future fertility.” Ditch the pill? To reclaim health? Happiness? What? The founders of the Red Tent Sisters teach that fertility awareness, also known as natural family planning, provides reliable contraception and is better for women’s health and the environment. There are many methods, but the commonality between them is that they eschew daily hormones and put women themselves in charge of their own sexual health without relying on Big Pharma. In short, fertility awareness is healthy and empowering. It could also soon be forbidden to advise or explain it for Ontario’s doctors. . . [Full Text]

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