Project Submission to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan

Re: Conscientious Refusal


The policy Conscientious Refusal requires all physicians who object to a procedure for reasons of conscience to facilitate the procedure by referring patients to a colleague who will provide it, even if it is homicide or suicide.  No evidence was provided to justify the policy.  None of the arguments provided to Council justify the policy, nor do the principles included in the text.

Conscientious Refusal fails to recognize that the practice of medicine is a moral enterprise, that morality is a human enterprise, and that physicians, no less than patients, are moral agents.

The original text virtually copied by Conscientious Refusal was written by believers: by people who believe that whatever is “legally permissible and publicly-funded” is morally acceptable- including euthanasia, assisted suicide and abortion. It is an assertion of those beliefs and an authoritarian attempt to compel others to conform to them. It is a partisan document that is profoundly disrespectful of the moral agency of physicians, not a compromise.

Conscientious Refusal advances the dangerous idea that a learned or privileged class, a profession or state institutions can legitimately compel people to do what they believe to be wrong and punish them if they refuse. This is not a limitation of fundamental freedoms, but a serious violation of human dignity. It is also incoherent, because it posits the existence of a moral or ethical duty to do what one believes to be wrong.

The Associate Registrar has made it clear that those who refuse to do what the policy demands will be disciplined by the College or forced out of the medical profession. This clashes seriously with the approach taken by the Supreme Court of Canada, which has affirmed that public policy must make room for physicians whose “concept of the good life” precludes their participation in abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide or other morally contested procedures.

The burden of proof was on the Associate Registrar and the appointed committee to prove beyond doubt that Conscientious Refusal is justified and that no less authoritarian alternatives are available.  They failed to discharge that burden; neither has College Council discharged it. The policy should be withdrawn.


I.    Origin of the draft policy, Conscientious Refusal

II.    Content of the proposed policy

III.    Focus of this submission

IV.    Justification for the proposed policy

V.    The issues

VI.    Response to the issues

VII.    Discussion

VIII.    Conclusions

Appendix “A”: Origin of the CPSS Draft Policy

Appendix “B”:  Development of the CPSS Draft Policy

Appendix “C”: Interview of CPSS Associate Registrar

Appendix “D”:  Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan College Policies

Appendix “E”:  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan Re: Guideline: Unplanned Pregnancy

Appendix “F”:  Morally Significant Participation

Appendix “G”:  Notes on Referral, Abandonment and Fiduciary Duty

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