Dying with dignity can’t be forced on doctors — or hospitals

Coercion is a solution in search of a problem, a dead end when we have pathways to get people where they want to go.

Toronto Star

Martin Regg Cohn

Unsurprisingly in a matter of life and death, a war of words is at play: Medical suicide versus death with dignity.

Lowering the temperature, the authorities have settled on a more antiseptic acronym: MAID, or Medical Assistance in Dying.

There is no anodyne phrase, no easy right or wrong when both sides believe themselves to be on side of the angels. Or view the other side as being angels of death. . . [Full text]


One thought on “Dying with dignity can’t be forced on doctors — or hospitals”

  1. The writer pleads for the accommodation of objecting physicians and hospitals with respect to euthanasia and assisted suicide, describing demands for mandatory referral as “an abuse of authority.” This column is an eloquent plea for a civil resolution to the controversy. However, he believes that compelling an objecting physician to dispense or refer for contraceptives is justifiable. What he does not realize is that the arguments said to justify mandatory referral for abortion and contraception are essentially the same arguments said to justify mandatory referral for euthanasia and assisted suicide. Campaigns to compel physicians to refer for contraception and abortion were dress rehearsals for current campaigns to compel participation in euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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