Catholics decry plans to hire abortionists at Rome hospital

The Christian Times

Jardine Malado

A public hospital’s decision to hire two doctors who are willing to perform abortions have caused an outcry from Catholics in Italy, where most doctors refuse to carry out the procedure.

Under Italy’s “Law 194,” which was introduced in 1978, abortion is allowed up to 12 weeks into pregnancy for medical and personal reasons, AFP reported. However, doctors in the public service may refuse to perform the procedure on grounds of “conscientious objection.”

The issue sparked controversy after the San Camillo hospital in Rome advertised positions for two gynecologists, stipulating that those appointed should be willing to carry out abortions. Those who fail to conduct the procedure within the first six months of their appointment would put themselves at risk of being fired.


One thought on “Catholics decry plans to hire abortionists at Rome hospital”

  1. It appears that the intention of the authorities is to hire two physicians who do not object to abortion in principle to provide abortions at the hospital. The assertion that those hired for the positions will still be able to object for reasons of conscience presumably means that the incumbents, while providing abortions in most cases, would still be able to refuse particular cases for reasons of conscience (such as a late term abortion, sex selective abortion, etc.). It also appears that hiring two willing physicians will not affect freedom of conscience of other physicians, nor exclude them from practice. Having two physicians who are willing to provide abortion may actually help to preserve freedom of conscience for those who object to the procedure, since it will alleviate the pressure (already apparent) to suppress freedom of conscience altogether in order to “ensure access.”
    The claim that the law preserving freedom of conscience was intended to prevent abortion rather than protect a fundamental freedom, if true, is indicative of an abuse of legal process.

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