Abortion in Ireland: Four weeks in, how’s it working?

Abortion has been legal in Ireland for almost a month, yet uncertainties and problems persist

The Irish Times

Jennifer Bray

Next week will mark one month since the introduction of general abortion services for the first time in the history of the Irish State. In the final weeks of 2018, there were dire warnings from senior medics and family doctors that the January 1st deadline was being “rushed” and was “dangerously unrealistic”.

Only nine maternity hospitals were ready to provide full access to abortion care, with the remaining 10 expected to come on board shortly. Some 240 general practitioners have now signed up to the service. Despite the less than comprehensive level of access, abortions are now happening across the country in hospitals and in general practices.

But in the short time since the enactment of the law, some serious concerns have emerged. . . [Full text]

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