Hospital denies legal abortion care

The Ombudsman’s Office calls for punitive action

Correo del Sur

Caution: machine assisted translation of “Hospital niega atención de aborto legal.” Correo del Sur, 15 Marzo 2019.

The Ombudsman’s Office asked the authorities of the Jaime Mendoza Hospital, the National Health Fund and the Ministry of Health to take civil, criminal and / or administrative action against those responsible for violating the rights of a pregnant woman who requested legal interruption of her pregnancy due to congenital malformation of the fetus, a right that was denied.

The case was made public yesterday by the Ombudsman, Nadia Cruz, who said that the decision of the citizen is supported by the Plurinational Constitutional Judgment No. 206/2014, but despite this, the hospital refused to perform the termination of pregnancy, so the woman had to resort to another center.

She explained that the rule permits legal interruption when “pregnancy endangers the health or life of women, there is the existence of lethal congenital malformations, or is the product of rape, rape and incest.” She asked for respect for the law and the human rights of women.

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