National Health Fund clarifies circumstances in abortion case

Woman had requested termination of pregnancy for malformation

Correo del Sur

Caution: Machine assisted translation of ” CNS aclara actuación en caso de aborto: La Mujer Había Pedido Interrumpir el Embarazo por Malformación.” Correo del Sur, 16 Marzo, 2019.

The regional administrator of the National Health Fund (CNS) Chuquisaca, Javier Menacho, disclaimed responsibilities on the alleged violation of the rights of a pregnant woman who requested the legal and safe termination of her pregnancy due to congenital malformation of the fetus. He clarified that the family requested, by their own decision, the discharge of the patient and then went to another hospital where they fulfilled the desire of the mother.

At a press conference, Menacho explained that in mid-February of last year they treated a patient with a five-month pregnancy. She had been transferred from Villa Tunari, Cochabamba.

He said that after doing the corresponding studies they determined that the fetus had a congenital malformation; then, the woman’s family asked for the termination of the pregnancy.

The doctors met in a medical meeting and, following the protocols, gave three options: the first, continue with the pregnancy; the second, to guide the family on the malformation of the fetus; and the third, obtain a legal approval that allows interrupting the pregnancy.

“However, the professionals of the institution claimed ‘conscientious objection’, that is, that no one can be forced to interrupt the life of a human being,” Menacho explained.

He said that days later, the family requested the discharge of the patient and saw it convenient to go to another hospital, where they did proceed with the termination of the pregnancy.

“We are waiting for our legal report, what steps have to be followed, with what charges we are to proceed. I cannot begin a process immediately without having a adequate evidence because I cannot judge anyone without having something concrete, “Menacho said.

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