A National Health Fund doctor who refused to perform a legal abortion is being disciplined

Correo del Sur

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Caution: Machine assisted translation of “Procesan a médico de la CNS que se negó a practicar un aborto legal.” Correo del Sur, 20 Marzo, 2019.

The National Health Fund (CNS) of Sucre decided to suspend the doctor J.N.M., interim chief of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Obrero Hospital “Dr. Jaime Mendoza “, and to initiate an administrative process for refusing to perform the legal termination of the pregnancy of citizen P.A.A.

The information was communicated to the defense delegation of Chuquisaca, by the regional administrator of the insurer in the capital of the country, Javier Mercado, who indicated that a similar process will also be started against the former director of that hospital, J.M.C.

The Ombudsman issued a ruling concerning the violation of the rights of citizen PAA, who was denied access to the procedure for the legal termination of pregnancy because there was congenital malformation in the fetus (anencephaly), according to medical diagnosis, rights supported in a constitutional decision and legal regulations.

In Bolivia, Constitutional Decision No. 206/2014 and Ministerial Resolution No. 027/2015 regulate the provision in health services of the legal and safe termination of pregnancy when it endangers the health or life of women, if there are lethal congenital malformations, or if it is the product of rape or rape and incest.

Menacho explained last Saturday, that he would wait for the official reports to decide what actions to take with respect to the doctor involved, since the professional had claimed an “objection of conscience” not to perform the abortion.

“The professionals of the institution took refuge in the ‘conscientious objection’, that is to say, that nobody can be forced to interrupt the life of a human being,” he explained in a press conference, explaining that the patient left the hospital to go to another one in which the abortion was performed.

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