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The Protection of Conscience Project supports health care workers who want to provide the best care for their patients without violating their own personal and professional integrity. It is a non-denominational, non-profit initiative supported by an advisory board and team.

The Project blog includes news items, commentary and links to materials on the Project website.

Use the Project blog and website to research issues and find resources to support freedom of conscience in health care.


[W]hen professional associations are convinced that an act is seriously wrong – even if it is legal – one finds them willing to refuse all forms of direct and indirect participation. . . The GMC acted on this principle when it disciplined a physician who provided information about the sale of organs . . . [and] in recent draft guidance on assisted suicide.  Conscientious objectors who refuse to refer or delegate for morally contested treatments act on the same principle, and it would be hypocritical if the GMC were to discipline them for doing so.

Project Submission to the General Medical Council
(United Kingdom)

 For Students

. . . His face was flaming red, the veins in his neck bulged out from the starched collar of his shirt. He tore into me for my insolence . . . Who did I think I was, he told me?  . . . I snapped to attention at his parting words: “I could fail you for this!” Med School 101

Conscience issues in medical and nursing school.
• identifying objectionable procedures

• articulating the basis for your objections

• establishing the extent of your objections

• knowing the science

• distinguishing between philosophy and science

• university and professional policies

• human rights and freedom of information • practical pointers

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