Naturopath doctor argues for conscience rights protection

The Catholic Register

Michael Swan

A naturopath stole the show as hearings began into Ontario’s enabling legislation for doctor assisted suicide at Queen’s Park on March 23.

Conscience rights aren’t primarily about religion, but rather about the convictions of citizens and the obligation governments have to respect and protect citizens and their convictions, Dr. Nora Pope told members of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.

“I won’t refer for killing because I don’t believe in killing,” Pope told legislators as she pleaded for an amendment to Bill 84 to protect the conscience rights of medical practitioners. . . [Full text]


Wake up to the war on Catholic doctors

From midwifery to geriatrics, Catholics are being driven out of vast areas of the medical profession. We need to fight back now.

Catholic Herald (UK)

John Duddington

Imagine you are a Catholic who has just finished general medical training and is now seeking experience in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

At the interview for a training post you are not asked “Are you a Catholic?” That would be discrimination on grounds of religion. Instead, you are asked: “Are there any procedures that you would not be able to do?” You answer: “Yes. Abortion.”

Shortly afterwards, you hear you haven’t been chosen for the position. The letter doesn’t mention your conscientious objection to abortion. That is the reason for your rejection, but the letter covers that up by saying the job was given to a “better” candidate. This actually means “more suitable”, as the candidate will be willing to perform the abortions that the post demands. You will now have to change specialties.

Evidence is naturally anecdotal, but my research suggests that virtually all Catholic obstetricians and gynaecologists in Britain have trained abroad and it is virtually impossible not only for Catholics but also for others with strong religious convictions to train here in these areas. . . [Full Text]