Abortion plans include conscience clause for staff

Mr. Ford’s abortion proposals contain a conscience clause for employees relating to participation in the procedure.

Belfast News Letter

This would mean that if any health staff had a conscientious or religious objection to abortion, they would not have to directly participate.

Among consultation’s results was the emergence of a “clear body of opinion in favour of a clause to allow for conscientious objection”.

However, the Department of Justice said that it expects this would not apply “where there is a risk to the life of the woman or of injury to her physical or mental health which is likely to be either long term or permanent”. . . [Full text]


Northern Ireland abortion law: Legalisation in fatal foetal abnormality cases recommended


A change to Northern Ireland’s abortion law, allowing terminations in fatal foetal abnormality cases, has been recommended by the Justice Department.

A fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis means doctors believe a baby will die in the womb or shortly after birth.

Justice Minister David Ford said he will ask the Northern Ireland Executive for approval to introduce legislation, which then requires an Assembly vote. . .

. . .On Thursday, the justice committee heard there was substantial support for limited changes to the law, which should also include a conscience clause in the legislation to allow doctors and nurses to opt out of the termination procedure . . . [Full text]