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The on-line framework for the Research Group is provided by the Zotero software platform.  Zotero is an open-source reference management system that enables the construction of private and shared group document libraries.  It can also be used to produce citations and bibliographies when writing research papers.

Zotero was chosen because it is free, permits the formation of private groups with unlimited membership, and does not require researchers to store personal work on Zotero servers, although this alternative is available.

If you prefer, you can continue to use different reference management software for your personal or corporate work, but you must use Zotero to interact with the Project and Research Group  libraries.  Depending upon system features, it is possible to use import/export features to move files between different reference management systems.

Note that full access to Zotero functions requires the use of the Firefox with an extension, or  Chrome or Safari web browsers with connectors.  However, for the purpose of collaboration through the Research Group, Zotero works satisfactorily on Internet Explorer.


Members of the Research Group join two Zotero groups, by invitation only. 

Protection of Conscience Project Base Library

The Protection of Conscience Project Base Library is a public group.  The group page and usernames of members are visible on the internet.

This provides the structure for the Project Base Library (PBL) of journal papers and other documents.  It contains over 800 entries and abstracts.  The PBL is

  • visible and searchable by anyone on the internet
  • maintained by the Project Administrator, who is the sole library editor.
Protection of Conscience Research Group

The Research Group group is a private group, not visible on the internet.  This framework provides

  • a group page with discussion thread for Research Group members only
  • private reference libraries for members to use on their own computers (with the option for duplication on a Zotero server)
  • the Research Group Library,
  • direct access and copy permission for the Project Base Library.

Research Group members can add to, delete from and modify files and folders in the Research Group Library (RGL).

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