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Access Research Group Libraries and Discussion Threads

Access Libraries

You will normally work with the Research Group Library just as you would work with files on your computer, using drag-and-drop, copy, delete, create/delete folder functions, etc.  The changes you make on your computer will be synchronized with the Research Group Library and your private library on the Zotero server.

Open Zotero

Open Zotero using the start menu, task bar or desktop icon.

Zotero will automatically synchronize with the Zotero server.  It will display your personal library and two group libraries in the upper left panel of your screen.  This may take a few minutes the first time you open Zotero after joining the Research Group.

Zotero desktop
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Your personal library ("My Library")

Zotero maintains your personal library on your computer.  You can choose to synchronize your personal library with the Zotero server if you want to access your library from other locations, or if you want to use the synchronized server duplicate as your backup.  You do not have to do this.

Protection of Conscience Project Base Library

The Protection of Conscience Project Base Library contains over 800 references.  Only the Administrator can add or delete material, modify the library settings or add/delete group members.

On your desktop display, you can search the Project Base Library and drag and drop references from  into your personal libraries and/or the Research Group Library. Automatic synchronization will duplicate the changes on the Zotero server.  This feature is not available to non-members.

Protection of Conscience Project Research Group Library

On your desktop displays, you can add, delete and modify files and folders in the Research Group Library.  Automatic synchronization will duplicate the changes on the Zotero server for all members.

Automatic synchronization of file attachments on your own computer (like pdf copies of journal papers) with the Research Group Library is supposed to be disabled to avoid copyright violations.  However, you can upload attachments individually when copyright is not an issue (like open-access material, or personal material you wish to share for comment or collaborative purposes).

Access Discussion Threads

You may normally prefer to use email, but the Research Group home page provides a members-only discussion feature that may be useful. 

Sign in
Zotero log in
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You must sign in on the Zotero server to access discussion threads.  From the navigation tabs under the Zotero select "Groups."
Go to the Research Group home page
Groups page
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All Zotero groups of which you are a member will be displayed.  Click on the name of the Protection of Conscience Research Group.
PCRG home
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The Research Group home page will open.  Items recently uploaded to the Research Group Library are listed first.  You can initiate a new discussion join existing discussions by using the links under "Recent Group Discussion."

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