Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude

Freedom of conscience in health care

The Protection of Conscience Project supports health care workers who want to provide the best care  for their patients without violating their own personal and professional integrity.  It is a non-denominational, non-profit initiative supported by an Advisory Board and team

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Use the Project website and blog to research issues and find resources to support freedom of conscience in health care.

For Students

For Students

Who did I think I was, he told me?  . . . I snapped to attention at his parting words: "I could fail you for this!" Med School 101
Complainant Worksheet

Complainant Worksheet

A document that helps conscientious practitioners gather and organize material needed to file grievances, human rights complaints or civil suits.
Making Notes

Making Notes

  • Making notes of adverse encounters.
  • Audio recording, notebook structure, how and what to record, correcting errors, recapitulation, narrative expansion.
  • What You Can Do

    What You Can Do

    Undertake protection of conscience initiatives in your own institution, region or country.
    News and Blog
    Wed, 05 Dec 2018 01:34:46 +0000
    Court challenge raises issue of “reasonable apprehension of bias”
    Sean Murphy* Documents filed in an important Canadian court case bring into question the value and purpose of “public consultations” held by medical regulators, at least in the province of Ontario. In March, 2015, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) approved a highly controversial policy, Professional Obligations and Human Rights.  The policy … Continue reading "Court challenge raises issue of “reasonable apprehension of bias”"
    Fri, 05 Oct 2018 05:32:51 +0000
    L’euthanasie au Canada: une mise en garde
    Rene Leiva, Margaret M. Cottle, Catherine Ferrier, Sheila Rutledge Harding, Timothy Lau, Terence McQuiston, John F. Scott* Nous sommes des médecins canadiens consternés et concernés par les impacts – sur les patients, sur les médecins, sur la pratique médicale – de l’implantation universelle de l’euthanasie dans notre pays, définie comme un « soin de santé » auquel … Continue reading "L’euthanasie au Canada: une mise en garde"
    Fri, 05 Oct 2018 05:10:38 +0000
    Euthanasia in Canada: a Cautionary Tale
    Rene Leiva, Margaret M. Cottle, Catherine Ferrier, Sheila Rutledge Harding, Timothy Lau, Terence McQuiston, John F. Scott* We are Canadian physicians who are dismayed and concerned by the impact  – on patients, on doctors, on medical practice – of the universal implementation, in our country, of euthanasia defined as medical “care” to which all citizens are … Continue reading "Euthanasia in Canada: a Cautionary Tale"
    Wed, 26 Sep 2018 04:04:44 +0000
    Canadian Medical Association and euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada
    Critical review of CMA approach to changes in policy and law Sean Murphy* Abstract English | Français | Español | Deutsche | Português | bahasa Indonesia In December, 2013, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Board of Directors decided to shape the debate and law concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide and revisit CMA policy opposing physician … Continue reading "Canadian Medical Association and euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada"
    Sat, 25 Aug 2018 04:04:14 +0000
    New euthanasia/assisted suicide law in Australia
    Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 Sean Murphy* Introduction On 19 April, 2018, the legislature of the State of Victoria, Australia, passed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017, which will come into force in June, 2019.  It is currently the most restrictive euthanasia/assisted suicide (EAS) legislation in the world, running to 130 pages.  In brief, … Continue reading "New euthanasia/assisted suicide law in Australia"