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The Belgian Act on Euthanasia (2002)

Chapter VI: Special Provisions
Section 14

The request and advance directive referred to in Sections 3 and 4 of this Act are not compulsory in nature.

No physician may be compelled to perform euthanasia.

No other person may be compelled to assist in performing euthanasia.

Should the physician consulted refuse to perform euthanasia, then he/she must inform the patient and the persons taken in confidence, if any, of this fact in a timely manner, and explain his/her reasons for such refusal. If the refusal is based on medical reasons, then these reasons are noted in the patient's medical record.

At the request of the patient or the person taken in confidence, the physician who refuses to perform euthanasia must communicate the patient's medical record to the physician designated by the patient or person taken in confidence.

Art. 348, al. 2, 6° Belgian Penal Code

Aucun médecin, aucuin infirmier ou infirmière, aucun axuliaire médical n'est tenu de concourir à une interruption de grossesse.  La médecin sollicité est tenu d'informer l'intéressée, dès la
première visite, de son refus d'intervention.

Translation: Neither a physician, nor a nurse, nor a medical assistant is obliged to co-operate with the termination of a pregnancy. The physician is obliged to inform a patient interested in abortion, during the first visit, of his refusal.