Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude
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Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (7th revision, 2005)

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Article 25 (Right to personal integrity)

1.Every person’s moral and physical integrity is inviolable.


Article 41 (Freedom of conscience, of religion and of form of worship)

1. The freedom of conscience, of religion and of form of worship is inviolable.

2. No one may be persecuted, deprived of rights or exempted from civic obligations or duties because of his convictions or religious observance.

3. No authority may question anyone in relation to his convictions or religious observance, save in order to gather statistical data that cannot be individually identified, nor may anyone be prejudiced in any way for refusing to answer.

4. Churches and other religious communities are separate from the state and are free to organise themselves and to exercise their functions and form of worship.

5. The freedom to teach any religion within the ambit of the religious belief in question and to use the religion’s own media for the pursuit of its activities is guaranteed.

6. The right to be a conscientious objector, as laid down by law,is guaranteed.