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House Bill No. 0304 (2009)

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Note: This is a bill to legalize assisted suicide [Full Text]. It includes the following protective provisions.
137-L:14 Immunities.

Except as provided in RSA 137-L:15:

I. No person shall be subject to civil or criminal liability or professional disciplinary action for participating in good faith compliance with this chapter. This includes being present when a qualified patient takes the prescribed medication to end the patient's life in a humane and dignified manner.

II. No professional organization or association, or health care provider, may subject a person to censure, discipline, suspension, loss of license, loss of privileges, loss of membership, or other penalty for participating or refusing to participate in good faith compliance with this chapter.

III. No request by a patient for or provision by an attending physician of medication in good faith compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall constitute neglect for any purpose of law or provide the sole basis for the appointment of a guardian or conservator.

IV. No health care provider shall be under any duty, whether by contract, by statute or by any other legal requirement to participate in the provision to a qualified patient of medication to end the patient's life in a humane and dignified manner. If a health care provider is unable or unwilling to carry out a patient's request under this chapter, and the patient transfers such patient's care to a new health care provider, the prior health care provider shall transfer, upon request, a copy of the patient's relevant medical records to the new health care provider.






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