Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude

Project Reports


The Project has no standing to intervene with state regulators or professional authorities, but it may be possible to prepare a report on the matter. Reports are given to the persons concerned, to  be used as they and legal counsel think best.  Reports are not disseminated without the permission of the persons concerned.


  • A report is only as good as the information upon which it is based.
  • The preparation of a report is painstaking and time-consuming. One such report runs to 21 single spaced pages, with an additional 34 pages of appendices and 126 end notes.
  • If a report is needed, all available information and documents should be forwarded to the Project as soon as possible.
  • A Project report is not polemical whitewash. If it is to stand scrutiny, it must be based upon the evidence submitted. It may, therefore, include comments unfavourable to an objector.


Report 2001-01
College of Pharmacists of British Columbia:
Conduct of the Ethics Advisory Committee
(26 March, 2001)
Background | The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia is the statutory regulator of the profession in the province.  Its Ethics Advisory Committee impugned the integrity of conscientious objectors in an instruction published in an issue of the College newsletter.  In an article published in the Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, a member of the Committee amplified these statements. The College had no evidence to support the statements made in the Bulletin, but the Registrar of the College  refused to retract the offending statements or apologize for their publication.
Report 2001-01
Report 2000-01
Access to Abortion Services Act (British Columbia):
Implications for conscientious objectors
(27 October, 2000)
Background | The Access to Abortion Services Act (British Columbia) makes it an offence for anyone within an access zone to express disapproval of abortion by any means, or for anyone other than an abortion provider to give information about abortion, or advise someone against abortion. No exemption is provided for conscientious objection by health care workers.
Report 2000-01


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