Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude

Police Used to Intimidate Objecting Pharmacist

Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA

July, 2002

Statement of Neil Noesen, pharmD (cand.)
20 November, 2003
In July, 2002 I was working as an independent contracting pharmacist at a community pharmacy in Menomonie, WI.. On July 6, 2002, I made a conscientious objection to participation in refilling a contraceptive order and also in transferring that same contraceptive order to another pharmacy. On July 7, 2002, two police officers accompanied the same patient to the pharmacy but did not take any action other than requesting my current mailing address. I again refused participation in aiding that patient to obtain her hormonal contraceptive.

In a letter dated October 2, 2002, the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board's Final Decision and Order detailed a reprimand, a $250 forfeiture, $300 in costs, and an order that "if the Board determines that there is probable cause to believe that respondent has violated any term of this Final Decision and Order, the Board may order that the license of respondent be summarily suspended pending investigation of the alleged violation."

On December 18, 2003, with the help of my attorney Frank Manion of the American Center for Law and Justice we will be contesting the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board's charges of unprofessional conduct.
  • Note:
    In March, 2003, Noesen was one of two pharmacists who testified in support of SB63 before the Assembly Labour Committee of the Wisconsin Assembly. The bill would protect pharmacists from this kind of intimidation and coercion. [Administrator]