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Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude
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2018 Georgia Code | Title 49: Social Services | Chapter 7: Family-Planning Services

GA Code § 49-7-5 (2018)
Right to refuse services

The refusal of any person to accept family-planning services shall in no way affect the right of such person to receive public assistance or public health services or to avail himself of any other public benefit. The employees of the agencies engaged in the administration of this chapter shall recognize that the right to make decisions concerning family planning and birth control is a fundamental personal right of the individual; and nothing in this chapter shall in any way abridge such individual right, nor shall any individual be required to state his reason for refusing the offer of family-planning services.

GA Code § 49-7-6 (2018)
Right of employee to refuse to offer services

Any employee of the agencies engaged in the administration of this chapter may refuse to accept the duty of offering family-planning services to the extent that such duty is contrary to such employee´s personal religious beliefs; and such refusal shall not be grounds for any disciplinary action, for dismissal, for any interdepartmental transfer, for any other discrimination in his employment, for suspension from employment, or for any loss in pay or other benefits. The directors or supervisors of such agencies shall be authorized, however, to reassign the duties of any such employees in order to carry out this chapter effectively.