Protection of Conscience Project
Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude

Project Policies


Information provided by individuals or organizations is not disseminated without their permission.


Every effort is made to identify copyright holders and to secure their permission before posting material on the site. Should some material be inadvertently posted without permission, or if the credit line provided is unsuitable, the copyright holder should contact the Administrator at Unauthorized material will be removed forthwith upon notification by the copyright holder.

Financial Issues

Members of the Project Advisory Board and Team serve without remuneration.


The Project does not undertake general solicitation for donations.

The Project does not accept donations from groups or organizations affiliated with religious denominations or political parties, or from groups or organizations that advocate for or against morally contested procedures or services.

Expenses and honoraria

No fee is charged for speaking engagements, but travel and accommodation expenses must be covered.  Honoraria from speaking engagements are accepted and applied to Project expenses.


Donors or groups providing honoraria are provided with a written account of the expenditure of contributed funds.

Nature of Advocacy

The activities of the Protection of Conscience Project are limited to the preservation and protection of freedom of conscience in the delivery of health care.


The Project does not take a position on the morality of contentious procedures.  Instead, it critiques policies of coercion and encourages accommodation of objecting health care workers.  It does not direct or manage protection of conscience initiatives.


The Project restricts the scope of its activity to ensuring that health care workers are not forced to do what they believe to be wrong, or punished for refusing to do so.  See Scope and Limitations of Project Advocacy.