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Protection of Conscience Project
Service, not Servitude

Service, not Servitude



Family medicine physician deemed "too Catholic" for medical license
(USA: 2004) |  Brief examples that demonstrate the often subtle, sometimes flagrant and increasingly pervasive discrimination faced by pro-life, faith-based and conscience-driven individuals in the healthcare professions. . . continue reading
'Pro-choice' groups attack freedom to choose
(USA: November, 2004)
Summary | The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act was added by congressmen Henry Hyde and Dave Weldon as an amendment to an omnibus spending bill, which passed the House of Representatives in November, 2004.  The amendment, which might be said to protect freedom of choice for health care workers, was attacked by ostensibly 'pro-choice' groups. Ttheir statements are reproduced here, with commentary by the Project. . .continue reading
Attack on freedom of conscience in US House of Representatives
(USA, November, 2004)
Sean Murphy | Ms. Pelosi's attack on protection for health care workers who choose not to participate in abortion is no less extraordinary, coming, as it does, from someone who purports to value freedom of choice. . .continue reading
Defence of freedom of conscience in US House of Representatives
(USA, November, 2004)
Sean Murphy |  Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey defends bill intended to prevent coerced participation in abortion against attack by Congresswoman Pelosi. . .continue reading
South African nurse denied position
(Vereeniging, South Africa: 2004)
Sean Murphy | It appears that hospital management decided to deal with the 'problem' posed by Sister Charles by holding a meeting of theatre staff . . . The real point of the meeting was  to suppress the exercise of Sister Charles' freedom of conscience.  . . . continue reading
Ambulance attendant fired
ACLJ Files Lawsuit Against Illinois Ambulance Service
(Elmhurst, Illinois, USA: 2004)
ACLJ | . . .once Adamson confirmed that her assignment was to transport the patient for an elective abortion, she told her employer that transporting the patient to an abortion clinic violated her religious beliefs. After a second crew was sent to transport the patient, Adamson's supervisor immediately fired her . . . continue reading
Should doctors be forced to abandon their faith?
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: 2004)
Terry O'Neill | . . .The male Christian student received a failing grade after completing his hospital rotation in obstetrics and gynecology because of differences with his teachers on abortion and related issues, says Sean Murphy, administrator of the Protection of Conscience Project based in Powell River, B.C. . . continue reading


Secretary refused employment by county because of abortion stance
(USA: 2003) |  Brief examples that demonstrate the often subtle, sometimes flagrant and increasingly pervasive discrimination faced by pro-life, faith-based and conscience-driven individuals in the healthcare professions. . . continue reading
Testimony of Pharmacist Re: Wisconsin Assembly Bill 63
Before the Assembly Labour Committee
(Wisconsin, USA: 2003)
Susan Grosskreuz, R.Ph. | Although there is an extremely high demand for pharmacists in our state, I have had to be very selective as to where I am willing to work because I cannot go against my conscience. . . Although pharmacy jobs in the retail sector were generally plentiful . . . I accepted a position at a newly created pharmacy . . .that served only nursing home patients. . . . I actually would have preferred working in the retail sector but I didn't feel I had any protection if I requested to refrain from filling prescriptions that had abortifacient potential. . .continue reading
Re: Wisconsin Assembly Bill 67
Testimony before Wisconsin Senate Committee
(Wisconsin, USA: October, 2003)
Beth LaChance, R.N. | . . . I . . . experienced an onslaught of disciplinary reprimands, retaliation, criticism and ostracism. . . I was no longer assigned to train or mentor new nurses despite my credentials and qualifications.  . . .I was denied career advancement to clinical nurse three status, as the research project which qualified me for advancement, was resigned to another nurse without my prior knowledge or consent. I was grilled as a "second class nurse" or "nobody". . . continue reading
The Campaign to Force Hospitals to Provide Abortion USA
(USA: September, 2003)
US Conference of Catholic Bishops | Forty-five states and the federal government protect the right of health care providers to decline involvement in abortion. Pro-abortion groups seek to abolish these legal protections. . . continue reading
Testimony of Pharmacist Re: Wisconsin Senate Bill 21
Before the Senate Labour Committee
(Wisconsin, USA:  March, 2003)
Yvonne Klubertanz R.Ph. |. . .The physician was adamant that I had to fill whatever he prescribed, even though I explained my conscience would not allow me to do that. He threatened that my supervisor would find out about this, and I feared that my job could be in jeopardy. I was harassed for my beliefs, and my dignity as a person was attacked. . . continue reading
Alberta Pharmacist Vindicated for Pro-Life Stand
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 2000-2003)
Mike Mastromatteo | . . ."The complaints were made after a pro-choice organization published on the Internet the name of Bizecki and encouraged the public to make complaints to both her employer and the college (of pharmacists)," Chipeur said. "The complaints have caused Bizecki to incur significant legal expenses that she is currently just beginning to pay off." . . . continue reading


Police Used to Intimidate Objecting Pharmacist
(Menomonie,Wisconsin, USA: July, 2002)
Neil Noesen | . . .On July 6, 2002, I made a conscientious objection to participation in refilling a contraceptive order and also in transferring that same contraceptive order to another pharmacy. On July 7, 2002, two police officers accompanied the same patient to the pharmacy but did not take any action other than requesting my current mailing address. I again refused participation in aiding that patient to obtain her hormonal contraceptive. . . continue reading
Doctor's faith under scrutiny:
Barrie physician won't offer the pill, could lose his licence
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada: 2002)
Cheryl Canning | . . .Dr. Stephen Dawson faces a discipline committee at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in April because he refused to prescribe birth control pills to unmarried women. . . continue reading
Traumatised Health Care Professionals
Forced to Take Part in Abortion Procedures
(South Africa: June, 2002)
Doctors for Life | The incident at Philadelphia Hospital again highlights the unbearable pressure exerted on healthcare professionals to take part in the Termination of Pregnancy Act against their conscience. The following quotes were collected from traumatized Health Care Professionals. . . continue reading


Do it anyway
More and more Canadian workers are being compelled to violate their own beliefs
(Canada: 2001)
Terry O'Neill | . . . a growing number of Canadian workers are being discriminated against on conscience-related issues, and the institutions that should be protecting them are turning a blind eye to their plight. As is becoming increasingly apparent, the double standard seems to be entirely political. . .continue reading
Testimony of Wang Guoql
(China: 2001)
Introduction | Wang Guoql was a doctor at a Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital who willingly participated in organ harvesting from executed prisoners. However, after a particularly gruesome experience he experienced a conflict of conscience and tried to avoid further involvement in the process. His initial attempt was rejected and he was met with various forms of pressure to continue his participation. . .continue reading
No Equal Opportunities for Nurse With Pro-Life Views
(Oregon, USA: 2001)
John W. Whitehead | . . .According to a federal lawsuit filed by Janice, when the new supervisor-one intolerant of pro-life viewpoints-was assigned to the Women's Clinic, Janice's treatment on the job began to change. Indeed, not only were Janice's religious views no longer accommodated, she was also harassed. . . continue reading
Testimony from the Gynaecological-Obstetrical Frontline
(Belgium: 2001)
André O. Devos, MD* | . . .Since a fair amount of their income was the result of contraception, and surgical sterilisation, I refused to join the pool . . . According to my conscience, I could not accept any part of that income. I soon was dismissed, losing hospitalisation and surgical privileges. The letter of dismissal was signed both by our Mother Superior . . . and . . . a Reverend Cannon, who at the same time was one of the secretaries of our Bishop. . . continue reading


"Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen"
Law professor tells senators how he deals with conscientious objectors
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:1995-2000)
Sean Murphy | In February, 2000, a law professor from western Canada addressed the sub-committee. He told the Senators about an incident that occurred during a seminar at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. The seminar, a role playing exercise, had been organized by a professor of medicine. The relevant portion the testimony has been extracted from the transcript of the sub-committee hearing. . . continue reading
Pharmacy colleges quash conscientious objection
(Canada: 2000)
Greg Edwards | Pharmacists are critically thinking individuals who integrate their values into their work life-and they are not mere robots who are glorified order-takers for physicians. We should be promoting such thinking, not punishing it.--Nancy Metcalfe, pharmacist. . . . continue reading
Access to Appointments: The Effect of Discrimination on Careers
(United Kingdom: March, 2000)
T. Everett Julyan, MBChB BSc | . . .In March 2000 I was interviewed for a post on a 3 year General Practice Vocational Training Scheme which included a 6 month attachment in obstetrics & gynaecology. When the interview panel learned that not only was I unwilling to perform abortions, but also to prepare women for them I was denied a job, solely on that basis.   . . . continue reading
Medical professor threatened with job loss over embryocides
(USA: 1999-2001) |  Brief examples that demonstrate the often subtle, sometimes flagrant and increasingly pervasive discrimination faced by pro-life, faith-based and conscience-driven individuals in the healthcare professions. . . continue reading