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Dawson's licence revoked for sexual misconduct

Physician who refused birth control to unmarried had sex with patient

9 May, 2005

Sean Murphy*

On 9 May, 2005, the Discipline Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario revoked Dr. Dawson's registration as a physician for having engaged in the sexual abuse of a married female patient. He was ordered to appear before a panel to be reprimanded and to pay costs to the College in the amount of $2,500.00. A summary of the judgement is available on the College website.

The Globe and Mail reported that Dawson did not dispute the allegations that he had engaged in sexual activity with the patient, including oral sex and masturbation, in November and December, 1999. Dawson was, at that time, separated from his wife, and the patient was having severe marital problems. A statement by Dawson, quoted in the report, indicates that he ended the affair because his faith had become increasingly important to him, " that he felt compelled to reconcile with his spouse, and . . .encouraged Patient A to do the same." He continued to see patient until 2002. A victim impact statement from the patient indicated that Dawson used bible study as an excuse to establish the relationship with her, and that the incident had such an effect on her that she considered suicide a year after the affair ended.






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