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December, 2011

28 December, 2011
Continued vigiligance urged in New Jersey

23 December, 2011
Hospital reaches agreement with objecting nurses

21 December, 2011
Evangelical college sues US federal government for violating freedom of conscience

60 non-Catholic groups write President to defend of freedom of conscience

15 December, 2011
British General Medical Council drawing up guidelines for assisted suicide

7 December, 2011
Assisted suicide initiative in conflict with physicians in Massachusetts

4 December, 2011
Planned Parenthood opposes freedom of conscience in Florida

3 December, 2011
Hospital hires additional staff to cover for objecting nurses

November, 2011

30 November, 2011
Physicians in United Kingdom warned against facilitating assisted suicide

29 November, 2011
Indonesia considers population control law

28 November, 2011
Freedom of conscience for pharmacists on trial in Washington

24 November, 2011
Group encourages complaints against objecting physicians

23 November, 2011
Royal Society of Canada recommends legalization of assisted suicide, euthanasia, and compulsory referral

22 November, 2011
New Jersey Hospital files brief opposing injunction supporting objectors

21 November, 2011
Attempt to discuss accommodation of objecting nurses rejected

New Zealand Medical Council accepts ruling on freedom of conscience

18 November, 2011
Most US obstetrician/gynaecologists reject ACOG definition of pregnancy

17 November, 2011
US politician dismisses "this conscience thing"

16 November, 2011
Opposition to Philippines Reproductive Health bill preventing passage

14 November, 2011
US Congressman supports objecting New Jersey nurses

Most physicians in British Columbia not supportive of assisted suicide

13 November, 2011
Australian physicians form lobby group for euthanasia

12 November, 2011
Complaints against exercise of freedom of conscience by pharmacist in UK

11 November, 2011
New Jersey hospital accused of lying

10 November, 2011
Belmont Abbey sues US federal government for attack on freedom of conscience

9 November, 2011
Widespread neglect of elderly alleged at hospitals in United Kingdom

7 November, 2011

IVF mother admits error in having child at 57

3 November, 2011
Judge issues temporary injunction to protect objecting nurses

Ontario experts seek mandatory abortion training, referral

2 November, 2011
Evidence taken at hearing of government attack on freedom of conscience

1 November, 2011
12 nurses sue New Jersey hospital for forced participation in abortion

US Cardinal protests federal government attack on freedom of conscience

October, 2011

27 October, 2011
Experts suggest organ harvesting without declaration of death

Contraception and abortion services will be mandatory in state health system

26 October, 2011
Scots MP plans another attempt to legalize euthanasia

Catholic Bishop testifies before Judiciary Committee

25 October, 2011
UN bureaucrat urges decriminalization of abortion as matter of right

21 October, 2011
US Senator opposes Obama regulation, supports freedom of conscience

20 October, 2011
UK nurses warned not to discuss assisted suicide or euthanasia

19 October, 2011
New Zealand decision in favour of freedom of conscience

18 October, 2011
Lesbian couple suppress puberty in 11 year old son to facilitate sex change decision

17 October, 2011
Obama administration cuts funding to Catholics for refusing contraceptives

15 October, 2011
Hospitals in UK use secret DNR orders to end patient lives

14 October, 2011
Bill passed in US House supports freedom of conscience

13 October, 2011
Philippines Senate puts controversial bill on hold

California Catholic Colleges oppose Obama administration demand to pay for contraceptives

12 October, 2011
20 Catholic leaders protest attack on freedom of conscience by Obama administration

US Senators support freedom of conscience against Obama administration

6 October, 2011
2012 presidential candidate supports freedom of conscience

Individual vs. institutional freedom of conscience at issue in US Supreme Court case

4 October, 2011
US Congressman protests attack on freedom of conscience by federal department

September, 2011

29 September, 2011
French physicians increasingly object to providing abortion

US Catholic bishops form committee for religious liberty

28 September, 2011
Deadline approaches for comment on new US federal rule

President of Notre Dame University reminds Obama administration of promise

26 September, 2011
Saskatchewan physician guidelines in dispute

24 September, 2011
UN Committee fabricates claim in attempt to force abortion on Ireland

23 September, 2011
Catholic Health Association speaks out on freedom of conscience

Most Portuguese physicians would refuse to provide euthanasia

21 September, 2011
Catholic college in Colorado contemplates conscientious objection

20 September, 2011
US bishops continue to speak out on freedom of conscience

16 September, 2011
"Right to health" and right to euthanasia and assisted suicide

12 September, 2011
Trade unions in United Kingdom seek protection of conscience rules

10 September, 2011
Controversy in Philippines continues over 'reproductive health' bill

Former UK physician continues to assist people seeking suicide

2nd court case in Canada seeks assisted suicide

8 September, 2011
Claim: US medical schools discriminate against conscientious objectors

Dutch medical association demands referral for euthanasia

7 September, 2011
US Catholic bishops urge Congress to support freedom of conscience

3 September, 2011
Administrative legalization of assisted suicide in United Kingdom

Irish senator addresses freedom of conscience in health care

2 September, 2011
Objecting Spanish physician would quite medicine

1 September, 2011
Disabled man seeks legalization of euthanasia in United Kingdom

August, 2011

31 August, 2011
US Conference of Catholic Bishops protests contraceptive mandate

24 August, 2011
Study suggests most US obstetricians will not perform abortions

17 August, 2011
Philippines president supports amended RH bill, freedom of conscience

Concerns for freedom of conscience among UK pharmacists

13 August, 2011
Hospital backs down when challenged by nurses

9 August, 2011
Ghana nurses to ensure patients practise 'family planning'

Mandatory contraceptive insurance coverage sparks controversy in USA

8 August, 2011
Eggs harvested from dead woman

4 August, 2011
"Ethics of the profession" in retrospect

3 August, 2011
Physician assisted suicide/euthanasia court challenge to be expedited

2 August, 2011
Protection of conscience bill introduced in US Senate

1 August, 2011
US Department issues draft regulation on mandatory contraception coverage

July, 2011

30 July, 2011
Anti-RH bill rally in Philippines

28 July, 2011
Euthanasia-assisted suicide bill in South Australia

26 July, 2011
Nurses express concern about proposed withdrawal of nutrition/hydration

Access to Birth Control bill introduced in US Congress

25 July, 2011
Catholic opposition to recommendation for contraceptive mandates

21 July, 2011
Anti-RH bill rally in Philippines

19 July, 2011
Institute of Medicine recommends mandatory contraception insurance coverage

18 July, 2011
Survey of attitudes about conscientious objection in United Kingdom

14 July, 2011
Spanish group protests changes to medical code of ethics

12 July, 2011
Workplace prejudice against Christians in the United Kingdom

6 July, 2011
President Obama petitioned to restore conscience protections

4 July, 2011
Abortion statistics released in United Kingdom

June, 2011

23 June, 2011
Suppression of freedom of conscience in Spain

20 June, 2011
IUD's praised as birth control method

14 June, 2011
Louisiana Senate removes change to protection of conscience law

Organ harvesting following euthanasia in Belgium

13 June, 2011
Liberty of conscience critical for doctors

4 June, 2011
Pope Benedict XVI: conscience critical to European survival

May, 2011

27 May, 2011
Serious neglect in UK hospitals leads to misery and death of patients

18 May, 2011
Group identifies threat to freedom of conscience in Philippines RH bill

17 May, 2011
European rights advocates support mob wrecking Berlin pharmacy

"Telemedicine": commentary on legal and ethical issues

16 May, 2011
Utah revises protection of conscience statute

15 May, 2011
Philippines president warns civil disobedience could lead to sedition charges

12 May, 2011
Bishops consider civil disobedience in Philippines

US group raises grounds of conscience in legal intervention

11 May, 2011

Swedish Parliament attacks freedom of conscience

10 May, 2011
Ms. Magazine: freedom of conscience leading to rampant substandard care in US

US Federal Agency dismisses concerns about freedom of conscience

6 May, 2011
Protection of conscience bill tracking now available in USA

5 May, 2011
American bishops pleased with law that includes protection of conscience

Philippines bishops withdraw from talks with president

4 May, 2011
Amendment proposed to Louisiana protection of conscience law

US House of Representatives passes bill that includes conscience protections

Priest suggests improvements to Philippines RH Bill, including conscience protections

April, 2011

27 April, 2011
Scalding rhetoric contributes to Philippines controversy

26 April, 2011
BC Civil Liberties Association asserts right to physician assisted suicide

18 April, 2011
Protection of conscience bill proposed in Alabama

15 April, 2011
Spanish physician a 'public servant,' denied freedom of conscience

6 April, 2011
US Catholic bishops support federal protection of conscience bill

Illinois ruling supports freedom of conscience for pharmacists

March, 2011

31 March, 2011
Idaho Senate passes amendment to protection of conscience law

US Dept. of Health and Human Services misrepresents federal conscience laws

American activist group and UNFPA attack freedom of conscience

30 March, 2011
Freedom of Conscience Act passes South Carolina lower house

29 March, 2011
Manifesto suggests conflicts of conscience likely in Argentina

28 March, 2011
Controversial Philippines bill still not passed

25 March, 2011
Health care bureaucrat warns professionals about public comments

Anglican bishop warns against threat to freedom of conscience

24 March, 2011
Technological innovations may facilitate accommodation

23 March, 2011
Utah has new protection of conscience law

Secularism and freedom of conscience and religion

18 March, 2011
Remote dispensing indicates possiblity of accommodation of pharmacists

17 March , 2011
Protection of conscience bill introduced in US House of Representatives

16 March, 2011
Medical students and professionals protest weakening of conscience protection

9 March, 2011
Amendment to protection of conscience law passes Idaho House

Remote dispensing plan demonstrates possibility of accommodation

Study demonstrates difference between public, physician attitudes in UK

7 March, 2011
Indian Supreme Court rejects call to withdraw food and fluids

American Civil Liberties Union opposes freedom of conscience

Hostility to religious freedom evident in Europe

1 March, 2011
Amendment to protection of conscience law passes committee in Idaho

February, 2011

25 February, 2011
Freedom of conscience suppressed for Irish pharmacists

23 February, 2011
Idaho legislators refuse to accept revision of protection of conscience law

22 February, 2011
Controverial Philippines reproductive health bills consolidated

21 February, 2011
Controversy continues in Idaho over protection of conscience law

18 February, 2011
German Medical Association proposes change to approach to assisted suicide

US Catholic bishops disappointed by weakening conscience protections

New American regulation generates protests

Obama administration replaces conscience regulation

16 February, 2011
Members of Congress write in defence of freedom of conscience

13 February, 2011
Opponent of freedom of conscience would impose eugenic obligation

9 February, 2011
Policy change by Saskatchewan regulator generates confusion

Protection of conscience measures in assisted suicide bill

American medical students launch tour to protect freedom of conscience

7 February, 2011
Nurses under increasing pressure to violate conscientious convictions

4 February, 2011
Attack on freedom of conscience in US healthcare said "imminent"

Philippines bishops raise prospect of civil disobedience

3 February, 2011
Using new American health law to force free contraceptive coverage

2 February, 2011
Health care workers resisting demand to end life of patient

1 February, 2011
Philippines President affirms support for freedom of conscience

Refusal of Idaho pharmacist criticized

January, 2011

31 January, 2011
Philippines reproductive health bills consolidated, opposed by Catholic Church

28 January, 2011
Slovak hospital policy confusion about abortion

25 January, 2011
Investigation of Idaho pharmacist concluded

Catholic health care group supports protection of conscience bills

24 January, 2011
British physician proposes abortion law as model for assisted suicide

Journalist seeks euthanasia for patient in India

Catholic bishops in U.S. support proposed protection of conscience measures

Journalist seeks euthanasia for patient in India

German health ministry and physicians oppose facilitation of executions

21 January, 2011
Pope warns against "reductive vision of conscience"

20 January, 2011
Idaho protection of conscience law under scrutiny

Protection of conscience bill introduced in Alaska

Protection of conscience measures introduced in U.S. Congress

Protection of conscience resources in U.S.A.

14 January, 2011
Protection of conscience bill introduced in Nebraska

12 January, 2011
American group voices concerns about freedom of conscience

10 January, 2011
Pope protests marginalization of religious believers in western societies

8 January, 2011
Australian couple aborts twin boys, seeks girl by IVF

6 January, 2011
Spaniards demand government respect freedom of conscience

Controversy over Reproductive Health bills escalates in the Philippines

European abortion ruling continues to generate controversy in Ireland

5 January, 2011
British bioethicist urges legalization of organ trade


December, 2010

22 December, 2010
Belgian proposal attacks conscientious objectors to euthanasia

Protection of conscience bill introduced in US House of Representatives

20 December, 2010
European Court of Human Rights decision on Irish abortion law

Obama Push to Rescind Conscience Rights Upsets Pro-Life Doctors

17 December, 2010
Rights claims threaten freedom of conscience in Costa Rica

16 December, 2010
Washington Pharmacy Board reverses itself, affirms oppressive regulation

14 December, 2010
Documents confirm Obama administration hostility to freedom of conscience

7 December, 2010
New Zealand court strikes down proposed guidelines

Indian official demands that physicians increase sterilizations

2 December, 2010
Assisted suicide bill defeated in Scotland

November, 2010

30 November, 2010
No consensus on ethically controversial procedure

29 November, 2010
American group reaffirms hostility to freedom of conscience

Court rejects suit brought by nurse forced to assist in abortion

16 November, 2010
American group cites concerns about freedom of conscience

10 November, 2010
"Selective freedom of conscience" in war

Almost half of physicians surveyed willing to what they believe wrong

9 November, 2010
Activists meet in Ghana to expand abortion in Africa

4 November, 2010
Washington State Pharmacy Board votes to change rule

3 November, 2010
New Brunswick Human Rights Commission may hold secret inquiry

October, 2010

26 October, 2010
Most UK physicians said to be against assisted suicide

The phenomenon of "moral injury"

19 October, 2010
Philippines Senate begins hearings on Senate RH bill

18 October, 2010
Reports suggest high potential for conflicts of conscience in Philippines

UK expert states abortion is necessary element in family planning

14 October, 2010
Chief minister urges health care workers to act according to conscience

Catholic Archbishop explains opposition to Philippines RH bills

13 October, 2010
Philippines President and bishops meet

British health care professionals form assisted suicide lobby group

11 October, 2010
Catholic institutions issue talking points for dialogue on reproductive health bills

7 October, 2010
Council of Europe rejects recommendations to suppress freedom of conscience

6 October, 2010
Project submission to Council of Europe

The "ethics of the profession" in retrospect

4 October, 2010
Hearing at the Council of Europe on freedom of conscience

3 October, 2010
Philippines bishops suggest possibility of civil disobedience

September, 2010

29 September, 2010
Council of Europe to consider suppression of freedom of conscience

28 September, 2010
Study indicates most Oregon hospices decline to participate in assisted suicide

25 September, 2010
Defence of religious freedom offered at Irish conference

23 September, 2010
Euthanasia bill defeated

20 September, 2010
Australian euthanasia bill protection of conscience measures questionable

16 September, 2010
Washington Pharmacy Board to begin hearings on freedom of conscience

15 September, 2010
Scots nurses warn of "ethical dilemmas" if assisted suicide legalized

8 September, 2010
Pope emphasizes need for sound foundation for human rights

August, 2010

31 August, 2010
Scots assisted suicide bill lacks protection of conscience provision

23 August, 2010
Saudi court approaches hospitals about punitive surgery

20 August, 2010
Becket Fund threatens to sue US government department

13 August, 2010
New drug to be marketed as morning after pill

12 August, 2010
Catholic institutions in Wisconsin compelled to provide contraceptives

5 August, 2010
Quebec funds in vitro fertilization: demand exceeds supply

3 August, 2010
Speaker offers advice on protection of conscience in obstetrics

1 August, 2010
Chemical abortion proposed as effective in developing countries

Survey indicates most Nigerian physicians would refuse to perform abortions

July, 2010

30 July, 2010
British Medical Association guidelines on assisted suicide

29 July, 2010
Sex selection by IVF offered by physician in Scotland

27 July, 2010
Freedom of conscience advocacy in the USA

Public consultation on abortion/conscientious objection in Northern Ireland

26 July, 2010
Discussion of freedom of conscience in health care generates tension

25 July, 2010
Man volunteers to die by organ donation

23 July, 2010
Canberra Declaration

Activists proposes assisted suicide in Idaho

20 July, 2010
New Zealand physician proposes euthanasia

Saudi court approaches hospitals about punitive surgery

19 July, 2010
UK man seeks protection for euthanasia by wife

14 July, 2010
Spanish Archbishop says law does not oblige

1 July, 2010
American Civil Liberties Union demands abortion in Catholic hospitals

June, 2010

30 June, 2010
Prominent UK journalist justifies killing to support of women's aspirations

Protection of conscience law in Idaho causes debate

26 June, 2010
Non-prosecution for assisted suicide in the United Kingdom

German court rules that patients can be starved/dehydrated

25 June, 2010
Use of morning after pill to kill embryos reported

Activist proposes assisted suicide in Idaho

22 June, 2010
Compromise being sought in Nebraska

21 June, 2010
Plan to restrict freedom of conscience in Europe

16 June, 2010
Conscience protection for pharmacists in the UK

14 June, 2010
Physicians face "intense rejection" for adherence to moral beliefs

3 June, 2010
European official worried by freedom of conscience in Poland

May, 2010

31 May, 2010
Mexican Supreme Court threatens objectors with jail

27 May, 2010
Harm reduction suggested as grounds for ritual genital surgery on girls

Abortion guidelines in Northern Ireland challenged

26 May, 2010
Activists demand Ireland legalize abortion

25 May, 2010
Quebec considers legalization of euthanasia/assisted suicide

20 May, 2010
US Catholic bishops urge support for bill to remedy lack of conscience protection

15 May, 2010
Attempts to deny freedom of conscience to Nebraska counsellors

12 May, 2010
Colombian doctor punished for refusing to perform abortion

2 May, 2010
American Board of Anesthesiologists forbids "participation" in executions

April, 2010

29 April, 2010
Proposed law in Mexico City threatens objecting physicians with jail

27 April, 2010
Hospital apologizes to nurses disciplined for refusal to assist at abortion

15 April, 2010
Irish physician prosecuted for refusing fertility treatment

14 April, 2010
Nurses disciplined for refusing to assist in abortion

11 April, 2010
Sex selective abortion controversy in Canada

9 April, 2010
Political protest incorrectly identified as freedom of conscience issue

7 April, 2010
New presidential bioethics commission appointees

5 April, 2010
Oklahoma governor signs Freedom of Conscience Act

4 April, 2010
British Christians issue declaration asserting freedom of conscience and religion

March, 2010

30 March, 2010
Idaho protection of conscience bill becomes law

26 March, 2010
Health care reform bill and hostility of US administration to freedom of conscience

25 March, 2010
Quebec government threatens to deny health care to Muslim women

24 March, 2010
New British regulator plans further consultation on freedom of conscience

22 March, 2010
Lawsuits underway in US to protect freedom of conscience

Christian Medical Association: health care reform law threatens freedom of conscience

US President uses executive order to gain passage of health care reform bill

17 March, 2010
Idaho protection of conscience bill passes

16 March, 2010
Health care reform bill does not protect conscience, say Catholic bishops

15 March, 2010
Christian Medical Association rejects health care reform bill

Vietnamese physicians experience stress from rise in abortion rate

11 March, 2010
Protection of conscience bill passes Idaho committee

10 March, 2010
Complaint against objecting pharmacist in United Kingdom

Assisted suicide for elderly tired of life proposed in Holland

9 March, 2010
Judge approves sterilization of eleven year old girl

2 March, 2010
Catholic health care workers advised to consider leaving Catholic health care

1 March, 2010
American Psychological Association revisits Code of Ethics

Physician participation in compulsory castration

February, 2010

26 February, 2010
Protection of conscience bill passes Idaho Senate

25 February, 2010
United Kingdom guidance on assisted suicide prosecution

20 February, 2010
New Zealand physicians challenge statement by Medical Council

16 February, 2010
Spokesman for Quebec physician regulator favours euthanasia

Hospital in Oregon declared no longer Catholic

11 February, 2010
Northern Ireland re-issues abortion guidelines despite court ruling

2 February, 2010
British poll shows support for assisted suicide

Idaho bill under review

January, 2010

30 January, 2010
Canadian commits suicide in Swiss facility

26 January, 2010
Alberta political party promises protection of conscience law

Human rights group demands restriction of freedom of conscience in Ireland

US Catholic bishops insist on protection of conscience in health care reform

Protection of conscience bill introduced in Idaho

20 January, 2010
No protection of conscience provision in Scots suicide bill

19 January, 2010
Massachusetts Attorney General loses senate race

Royal College of Physicians rejects assisted suicide guidelines

14 January, 2010
Massachusetts Attorney General: objectors shouldn't work in emergency rooms

12 January, 2010
US Catholic bishops call for changes to health reform bill

Should physicians assist with compulsory castration?

5 January, 2010
Praise for new heads of presidential bioethics commission


December, 2009

31 December, 2009
Assisted suicide legal in Montana

24 December, 2009
US Senate passes health reform bill

22 December, 2009
US Catholic bishops identify conscience protection as "key" to health care reform

19 December, 2009
Conscience provisions untouched by amendments to Senate health reform bill

18 December, 2009
Controversial moves to increase organ donation

17 December, 2009
Prominent US physician quits American Medical Association

15 December, 2009
US Senator introduces protection of conscience amendment to health care bill

8 December, 2009
President Obama appoints heads of bioethics commission

7 December, 2009
Canadian journalist proposes universal one-child policy

Senator introduces protection of conscience amendment

2 December, 2009
Thousands sign Manhattan Declaration

November, 2009

30 November, 2009
Northern Ireland abortion guidelines rejected by court

24 November, 2009
US President creates new bioethics commission

20 November, 2009
US Catholic bishops warn Senate that reform bill is unacceptable

Attack on freedom of conscience planned in Council of Europe

Manhattan Declaration affirms freedom of conscience, warns of civil disobedience

19 November, 2009
Euthanasia bill defeated in South Australia

Health care reform bill introduced in US Senate

10 November, 2009
Assisted suicide bill defeated in New Hampshire

9 November, 2009
Catholic bishops offer qualified support for health care reform bill

7 November, 2009
US Houses passes amended health care reform bill

6 November, 2009
Ethicist discusses broader implications euthanasia

Head of Christian Medical Association says US bills lack conscience protection

US Bishops reject health care reform bills

5 November, 2009
Tasmanian parliament rejects euthanasia bill

4 November, 2009
Elderly couple claim assisted suicide is a human right

2 November, 2009
Quebec physician regulatory agency favours euthanasia

October, 2009

23 October, 2009
Colombian Constitutional Court rejects suspension of ruling

22 October, 2009
Colombian State Council suspends court decree suppressing freedom of conscience

19 October, 2009
Colombian court attacks freedom of conscience

14 October, 2009
Ontario court ruling acknowledges duty to infant in utero

Researchers claim advanced dementia a terminal illness

Pneumonia patient starved to death in UK

13 October, 2009
Nurse reinstated in United Kingdom

11 October, 2009
New South Wales pharmacist declines to sell contraceptives

Pneumonia patient nearly starved to death in British hospital

8 October, 2009
US Conference of Catholic Bishops voices opposition to US Senate reform bill

4 October, 2009
Coroner rules physicians acted properly in not preventing suicide

2 October, 2009
Lesbian suit against objecting physicians settled out of court

September, 2009

30 September, 2009
Support for protection of conscience measure in bill

Protection of conscience amendment voted down in US Senate

27 September, 2009
Washington State pharmacists must dispense lethal drugs

23 September, 2009
British Director of Public Prosecutions begins public consultation on assisted suicide

21 September, 2009
Catholic Medical Association against proposed reform bills

Elective C-sections supported by many Canadian obstetricians

Abortion guidelines in Northern Ireland create conflict

16 September, 2009
Christian Medical Association reminds President, Congress about freedom of conscience

15 September, 2009
Some Quebec physicians reject regulator's support for euthanasia

14 September, 2009
Pope calls upon pharmacists to exercise freedom of conscience

11 September, 2009
Concern voiced that American health law reform bills lack consistent protection for freedom of conscience

10 September, 2009
Feminist group demands end of freedom of conscience in health care

Freedom of conscience advocates respond to President

9 September, 2009
President Obama promises to maintain federal protection of conscience laws

8 September, 2009
Nurse refused direction to administer overdose

2 September, 2009
Bioethicist suggests Montana force physicians to prescribe lethal drugs for suicide

1 September, 2009
Bishop identifies protection of conscience as essential

August, 2009

29 August, 2009
Montana Court to hear appeal in assisted suicide case

26 August, 2009
BMJ deputy editor calls for legalization of assisted suicide

25 August, 2009
Illinois judge grants injunction to protect freedom of conscience

24 August, 2009
Wisconsin Catholic bishops protest law attacking freedom of conscience

20 August, 2009
Objecting Spanish doctors will go to jail rather than do abortions

19 August, 2009
Survey of Canadian OB/GYNs on abortion

New York hospital claims objecting nurse has no rights under federal law

15 August, 2009
Wisconsin Medical Society rejects assisted suicide

14 August, 2009
Court affirms man can order cessation of food, water

Spanish Justice minister says "no room for conscientious objection to abortion"

10 August, 2009
American Nurses' Association official suggests objectors to abortion find other places to work

4 August, 2009
Conscientious objection to medical abortion

3 August, 2009
Nurse ethicist believes conscientious objection should be "rare"

July, 2009

30 July, 2009
Conscience protection amendments to American health reform bill offered

House of Lords orders public policy statement on assisted suicide

29 July, 2009
Catholic Medical Association on US health care reform

American Catholic bishops remind Congress of President's promise

UK assisted suicide activist invites prosecution

27 July, 2009
Australian Medical Association criticizes state law

24 July, 2009
Royal College of Nursing now 'neutral' on assisted suicide

22 July, 2009
New York City nurse forced to participate in late term abortion

20 July, 2009
Assisted suicide/euthanasia activism continues in Britain

17 July, 2009
Catholic bishops stress need to protect freedom of conscience

16 July, 2009
Quebec College of Physicians backs euthanasia

14 July, 2009
Wisconsin law attacks freedom of conscience of pharmacists

13 July, 2009
Christian Medical Association opposes Kennedy conscience amendment

10 July, 2009
Pope Benedict and President Obama discuss freedom of conscience

9 July, 2009
Washington court rules against freedom of conscience

8 July, 2009
HHS Secretary fails to clarify President's position

7 July, 2009
Assisted suicide amendment rejected by House of Lords

6 July, 2009
Former Assistant HHS secretary explains need for regulation

2 July, 2009
President Obama promises "robust" conscience protection

British Medical Association rejects assisted suicide

June, 2009

30 June, 2009
Embryonic stem cells may replace lab animals

29 June, 2009
New protection of conscience website launched

25 June, 2009
Louisiana passes protection of conscience bill

Protection of conscience regulation rejected by Nebraska board

23 June, 2009
Mexican state challenges mandatory abortion regulation

22 June, 2009
Assisted suicide/euthanasia, abortion and freedom of conscience

19 June, 2009
Three organisations complain about freedom of conscience

17 June, 2009
Nebraska counsellors seek protection of conscience law

President Obama dismisses President's Council on Bioethics

12 June, 2009
Statement on withdrawal of food and fluids

11 June, 2009
Obstetrician refuses to sterilize woman

10 June, 2009
UN Committee Against Torture oversteps mandate

Mexican health care workers register objections

9 June, 2009
Concerned medical professionals speak up in California

5 June, 2009
Second assisted suicide amendment proposed in Britain

May, 2009

31 May, 2009
Assisted suicide activism in Britain

22 May, 2009
Cardinal welcomes President's promise to protect conscience

20 May, 2009
Hospital loses appeal; objector's suit to proceed

19 May, 2009
Congressmen respond to Obama's comment on conscience

18 May, 2009
Freedom of conscience advocates question Obama's intentions

17 May, 2009
President Obama calls for "sensible" conscience clause

12 May, 2009
Catholic hospital fined for refusing to provide abortion

4 May, 2009
Pope reminds audience of centrality of freedom of conscience

I May, 2009
Ontario politician proposes protection of conscience law

340,000 comments reported to support freedom of conscience regulation

Freedom of conscience defended in Montana assisted suicide case

April, 2009

30 April, 2009
President Obama: words vs. actions

29 April, 2009
Missouri House passes bill to protect pharmacies

Michigan Senate resolutions supports freedom of conscience

Amnesty International calls Nicaragua abortion ban 'torture'

28 April, 2009
Fordham University hosts panel on conscience issues

Center for American Progress panel "When Consciences Collide"

26 April, 2009
Another complaint against physicians unwilling to assist suicide

21 April, 2009
Genetic engineering outpaces law

16 April, 2009
Southern Baptist leader opposes anti-religious secularization

15 April, 2009
Florida bill raises concern about freedom of conscience

13 April, 2009
Reform Jewish movement supports revocation of protection of conscience measure

9 April, 2009
American survey indicates support for freedom of conscience in health care

Canadian case illustrates potential for conflicts of conscience

Supporters of freedom of conscience in USA include administration advisors

Washington physicians reluctant to participate in assisted suicide

New Jersey Catholic Bishops defend freedom of conscience

Law professor calls conscientious objection selfish, unprofessional

8 April, 2009
News conference highlights concern about freedom of conscience

Bishop cites American history of respect for freedom of conscience

7 April, 2009
Montana physicians unwilling to participate in assisted suicide

6 April, 2009
Illinois judge restrains state government

Obstetrics/gynaecology group opposes suppression of conscience in USA

4 April, 2009
Major Canadian daily describes conscience as "next moral quagmire"

3 April, 2009
Countries continue to oppose 'rights' claims

Assisted suicide activism

2 April, 2009
Conscience protection amendment fails in U.S. Senate

Democratic Party senators urge President to respect conscience

1 April, 2009
New president of divinity school opposes freedom of conscience for health care workers

March, 2009

31 Marcy, 2009
Ontario leadership candidate supports freedom of conscience

New prenatal test increases probability of eugenic screening

30 March, 2009
Colorado and Florida protestors turn out against Obama plan to revoke freedom of conscience

27 March, 2009
Heritage Foundation posts freedom of conscience page for HHS regulation

26 March, 2009

Abortion advocacy group demands compulsory referral in Jamaica

25 March, 2009
Washington Archbishop warns against attack on freedom of conscience

State is not the source of freedom of conscience, says bishop

Canadian professor advocates assisted suicide

State is not the source of freedom of conscience, says bishop

24 March, 2009
Idaho House passes protection of conscience measure for pharmacists

British survey shows most physicians oppose assisted suicide

22 March, 2009
Northern Ireland government demands referral for abortion

Illinois bill threatens freedom of conscience, says bishop

17 March, 2009
Euthanasia and assisted suicide legalized in Luxembourg; participation not required

16 March, 2009
American cardinal warns of move "from democracy to despotism"

13 March, 2009
Freedom of conscience website on line in USA

12 March, 2009
New Hampshire assisted suicide bill includes protection of conscience clause

11 March, 2009
Catholic hospital in Boston in controversy over contract

British expert supports harvesting tissue from aborted foetuses

8 March, 2009
Repressive law in Australia rejected by Catholic Health group

6 March, 2009
Obama administration announces plans to revoke protection of conscience regulation

5 March, 2009
Washington State assisted suicide law in effect; objecting hospitals forced to allow referrals

2 March, 2009
OB/GYN Senator willing to go to jail

February, 2009

26 February, 2009
Alberta regulator warned to respect freedom of conscience

23 February, 2009
Alberta physician expresses concern about proposed guidelines

13 February, 2009
Protection of conscience bill introduced in Arizona

10 February, 2009
Eluara Englaro dies

4 February, 2009
Human cloning in China

3 February, 2009
Catholic Archbishop cites President Obama's inaugural address

Intervenors support US freedom of conscience regulation

January, 2009

29 January, 2009
Lesbian couple file complaint against Winnipeg physician

Virginia pharmacy target of bill

28 January, 2009
Protection of conscience regulation on hold

Proposed U.S. Freedom of Choice Act raises concern

Freedom of Choice Act could lead to civil disobedience

27 January, 2009
Controversies over treatment of children

22 January, 2009
US Catholic Bishops advise President Obama of support for protection of conscience regulation

Organizations petition to intervene in support of HHS regulation

21 January, 2009
Compromise to secure freedom of conscience in pharmacy reported working in Illinois

16 January, 2009
Seven states file suit to suppress federal protection of conscience regulation

15 January, 2009
California bill opposes federal protection of conscience regulation

Congressional bill to suppress protection of conscience regulation

12 January, 2009
Legalization of euthanasia recommended in Indian state

9 January, 2009
Montana draft assisted suicide bill includes protection of conscience clause

8 January, 2009
Montana judge refuses to stay decision authorizing assisted suicide

7 January, 2009
Euthanasia advocate wants U.S. freedom of conscience regulation stopped

Doctors who refuse assisted suicide said to be "genuinely wicked"

"Early induction" abortions at Catholic hospital criticized

6 January, 2009
Continuing controversy in Italian case

5 January, 2009
"Puberty blocking" drugs recommended

Plans for suppression of U.S. freedom of conscience regulation

Less stringent ethical guidelines proposed for research


December, 2008

29 December, 2008
Montana Medical Association won't contest assisted suicide ruling

Survey discloses divisions among US physicians on freedom of conscience

Furor in US over new protection of conscience rule

22 December, 2008
Late term abortions in Australia

19 December, 2008
US Catholic Bishops support new protection of conscience rule

Illinois Supreme Court rules in favour of pharmacists' case

18 December, 2008
US issues federal protection of conscience regulation

8 December, 2008
Freedom of Choice Act provokes discussion of hospital closures

7 December, 2008
Montana judge asserts "right" to suicide

4 December, 2008
Man convicted for berating Muslim pharmacist

2 December, 2008
Grand Duke of Luxembourg to be stripped of powers for opposing euthanasia

Professor recalls 'normality' of Nazi research

November, 2008

20 November, 2008
Senators introduce bill to stop freedom of conscience regulation

18 November, 2009
Survey forecasts increasing physician shortage in U.S.

17 November, 2008
Opposition to US freedom of conscience regulation

Hospice nuns refuse order to withdraw food and fluids

13 November, 2008
Italian court approves starvation and dehydration of patient

12 November, 2008
Jamaican bioethicist urges respect for "individual moral conscience"

Serbian physician persecuted for refusing abortions

7 November, 2008
Catholic health care system in Washington state refuses participation in assisted suicide

5 November, 2008
Washington assisted suicide measure includes protection of conscience provision

Success of Washington State assisted suicide bill invites imitation

Holocaust memorial week, physicians and conscience

October, 2008

31 October, 2008
Euthanasia and assisted suicide bills planned in United Kingdom

27 October, 2008
Swiss physician claims suicide a human right

26 October, 2008
Physician reluctance leads to private late term abortion facility in Scotland

24 October, 2008
Mandatory organ donation from living donors

22 October, 2008
Repressive bill becomes law in Australian state of Victoria

21 October, 2008
Exercise of freedom of conscience provokes call for boycott

11 October, 2008
Repressive bill passes Australian state parliament

1 October, 2008
Catholic health care organization supports draft HHS Regulation

Australian physicians express anger, defiance in face of repressive bill

September, 2008

25 September, 2008
Canadian Medical Association position on physician freedom of conscience

13 U.S. state attorneys general attack draft protection of conscience regulation

22 September, 2008
Catholic Archbishop warns that abortion law threatens Catholic hospitals

19 September, 2008
UK ethicist argues that dementia patients have a "duty to die"

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario approves amended policy

17 September, 2008
Canadian ethicist: suppression of physician freedom of conscience 'totalitarian'

Michigan pharmacist ends sale of contraceptives

Protection of Conscience Project calls for delay in College vote

12 September, 2008
Medical Association opposes Human Rights Commission, College

Catholic Archbishop of Toronto criticizes proposed College of Physicians guidelines

Catholic Civil Rights League warns College of Physicians

Christian Legal Fellowship decries College of Physicians draft policy

Religious leaders oppose Human Rights Commission, College of Physicians

11 September, 2008
Planned Parenthood policy to restrict or suppress freedom of conscience

Protection of Conscience Project submission to Ontario regulatory authority

Physician involvement in military interrogations

Assisted suicide bill defeated in Australia

10 September, 2008
Catholic Organization for Life and Family defends freedom of conscience

7 September, 2008
Proposed American protection of conscience regulation in the news

3 September, 2008
Validity of "brain death" questioned

August. 2008

31 August, 2010
Ontario Human Rights Commission demands suppression of physician freedom of conscience

22 August, 2010
Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and others support freedom of conscience

20 August, 2010
Reaction forces extension of comment to 12 September

19 August, 2008
California Supreme Court rules against freedom of conscience

18 August, 2010
Catholic Civil Rights League seeks extension on consultation

Physicians group makes interim submission to defend freedom of conscience

15 August, 2010
Physicians group asks for extension on policy consultation

News breaks of plan to suppress physician freedom of conscience

14 August, 2010
Project issues warning about plan to suppress freedom of conscience

Brain death said doubtful in some organ donation

8 August, 2010
Controversy in India demonstrates lack of consensus on abortion

July, 2008

31 July, 2008
Draft US rule generates controversy over definition of abortion

28 July, 2008
European Court of Human Rights to hear case against Irish abortion law

Italian doctors protest attempts to deny woman food, fluids

25 July, 2008
UN Committee pressures Ireland on abortion

23 July, 2008
British abortion law pressed on Northern Ireland

18 July, 2008
American cardinal writes in support of protection of conscience regulations

15 July, 2008
US administration circulates draft protection of conscience regulation

11 July, 2008
BMA narrowly rejects attack on freedom of conscience

Portuguese physicians being forced to change code of ethics

9 July, 2008
Death approved for Italian woman

7 July, 2008
Objecting physician cleared of misconduct allegation

4 July, 2008
Freedom of conscience threatened by motion for British Medical Association

2 July, 2008
Elderly woman in UK avoids death

June, 2008

26 June, 2008
Romanian case illustrates potential for conflicts of conscience in abortion

25 June, 2008
Elderly man dies naturally in Winnipeg

23 June, 2008
Euthanasia bill omits protection of conscience clause

18 June, 2008
Doctors refuse shifts at hospital to avoid care for elderly patient

17 June 2008
Specialists in Ecuador denounce abortion

16 June, 2008
Freedom of conscience viewed with alarm

13 June, 2008
American Medical Association to consider motion against freedom of conscience

10 June, 2008
Canadian lawyer denies physicians can withdraw care over patient objections

May, 2008

26 May, 2008
Muslim pharmacist denounced for exercising freedom of conscience

13 May, 2008
Prominent Canadian ethicist supports freedom of conscience in health care

9 May, 2008
Columbian officials and activists plan to force abortion on objection health care providers

6 May, 2008
Jamaican nurses promise "agitation and opposition" to abortion

1 May, 2008
Council of Europe official demands change in Irish abortion law

April, 2008

23 April, 2008
Wisconsin pharmacist appeals

18 April, 2008
Canadian internationalist proposes Freedom of Religion and Conscience Act

17 April, 2008
Canadian MP introduces protection of conscience bill

15 April, 2008
EU Council pressures Ireland, Malta and Poland

14 April, 2008
ACOG reconsidering its attack on freedom of conscience

9 April, 2008
Euthanasia sought in India

Majority in South Africa oppose abortion

3 April, 2008
Freedom of conscience in Italian health care threatened

Parliamentary committee on assisted suicide promised

March, 2008

27 March, 2008
Scots MP seeks assisted suicide

25 March, 2008
Wisconsin court demands referral by objector

19 March, 2008
California judge dismisses case against protective law

18 March, 2008
Protection of conscience measure fails in Indiana

17 March, 2008
Pending Colorado bills threaten freedom of conscience in health care

British physicians directed to disclose publicly objections in advance

ACOG attack on freedom of conscience challenged by US Health Secretary

14 March, 2008
Objecting parents fined and threatened with jail in Belgium

10 March, 2008
Objecting Montana pharmacist cleared of complaints

British Medical Association and assisted suicide

6 March, 2008
Catholic hospital succumbs to litigation

Oregon announces regulations on morning-after pill

4 March, 2008
Catholic hospital sued to force it to perform eugenic abortion

February, 2008

28 February, 2008
Freedom of conscience threatened in Spain

27 February, 2008
Catholic archbishop opposes repressive legislation

22 February, 2008
Resignation of hospital board to preserve Catholicity of institution

20 February, 2008
Euthanasia bill passes in Luxembourg

Pro-Life OB-GYN association defends freedom of conscience

19 February, 2008
New York bill may force abortion on Catholic hospitals

18 February, 2008
Missouri bill seeks protection for pharmacists

15 February, 2008
Washington court decision protects pharmacists

13 February, 2008
More pressure likely to fall on objectors in South Africa

11 February, 2008
Indiana protection of conscience bill moves to House

7 February, 2008
Repressive measure fails in South Dakota

6 February, 2008
Conscientious objection claimed illegal in Italy

January, 2008

15 January, 2008
Canadian abortion activist recognizes freedom of conscience for physicians

4 January, 2008
Lawsuit filed to stop compulsory vaccination


December, 2007

US Catholic Health Association accused of defying Vatican direction

Bishop concerned about effects of bill

Family goes to court to stop withdrawal of life support

Wisconsin bill on morning after pill

Italian professors consider dropping Hippocratic Oath

Christian Medical Association challenges attack on freedom of conscience

Directors resign to protest new code of ethics

Repressive measure fails in Pennsylvania

Question raised about conduct of chairman and management of London Catholic hospital

November, 2007

Tissue trafficking

Euthanasia bill introduced in India

Freedom of conscience a "hot topic" for 2007

Portuguese doctors continue resistance

Claims of patient autonomy and science urged against prospective hospital purchase

Irish crisis pregnancy service permitted conscientious objection

"Celebrity hospital" in UK to cease abortion referrals

Portuguese government plans to force abortion approval on medical profession

Candidates in Washington State differ on freedom of conscience for pharmacists

Portuguese physicians stand up to bullying by government

Chilean government crushes conscientious objection

Objecting physician investigated for alleged breach of ethics

Proposed legalization of controversial procedures

Preliminary injunction issued against state of Washington

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists attacks freedom of conscience

New Jersey law attacks freedom of conscience

Nurse settles lawsuit against employer

Chilean bishops support pharmacists agains government

UK secularist group opposes freedom of conscience

October, 2007

Politicians and others attack Pope's support for freedom of conscience

Chilean government threatens objecting companies

Pope encourages discussion of conscientious objection among pharmacists

Conscientious objection in Mexico City

Connecticut controversy on Catholic hospitals and the morning after pill

Eugenic and late term abortions a concern for some in United Kingdom

Portuguese government demands physicians drop objections to abortion

Assisted suicide proposed in Czech Republic

Priest criticizes bishops' conference decisions on morning after pill

Progress in protection for Illinois pharmacists

Wrongful death lawsuit in organ harvesting case

Royal College of Nurses recommends nurses perform abortions

Queensland parliament approves human cloning

Illinois pharmacist lawsuit settled

Controversy continues about Connecticut Catholic Conference and morning after pill

Controversy erupts over Connecticut Catholic Conference decision on morning after pill

Celebrity hospital at odds with Cardinal

US Supreme Court refuses review of New York judgement against freedom of conscience

Washington State pharmacists seek injunction to protect freedom of conscience

Connecticut Bishop's Conference spokesman on morning after pill and emergency contraception

Irish bishop calls for legalization of abortion

Objectors may be prosecuted in England and Wales

Wait for abortions in Ottawa blamed on funding shortage

September, 2007

British medical authorities disagree on freedom of conscience

Irish women said to favour abortion

UK pharmacist challenged on freedom of conscience

Austrian court rejects person status for chimpanzee

Connecticut Catholic bishops conditionally approve morning after pill

Slovakian government rescinds law forcing hospitals to provide abortions

Muslim physicians in UK reject law requiring starvation of patients

Catholic hospital taken over by state health care authority

Pope encourages Slovakian concordat on freedom of conscience

Washington pharmacy harassed by activists

Catholic hospital forced to pay damages for refusing tubal ligation

August, 2007

Sources indicate Swedish aid cut meant to force abortion in Latin America

US Bishops spokeswoman defends freedom of conscience

Hearings on abortion in South Africa

Objecting Illinois pharmacists can proceed against Wal Mart

Freedom of conscience for UK pharmacists restricted

Catholic Church states that artificial nutrition and hydration are obligatory

July, 2007

Private abortion clinic in Portugal affords access to procedure

Transplant surgeon charged in death of patient

Amnesty International to begin pro-abortion activity

Pharmacists suing Washington state

Poll suggests support in US for conscientious objection in pharmacy

$21 million awarded in wrongful birth case

Portuguese doctors refuse to perform abortions

Sex-selective IVF proposed in United Kingdom

Irish Catholic charities opposing abortion threatened with loss of funding

Wrongful death claim made in organ transplant case

European politicians call for euthanasia

African archbishop criticizes Maputo Protocol

June, 2007

Human-animal hybrids should be regarded as human

Case of South African objector continues

Former Catholic hospital being re-named

Polish government to appeal wrongful birth ruling

Mexican euthanasia proposal

New Jersey legislators act against conscientious objection

Complaint against Muslim pharmacist in UK

May, 2007

Oregon Insurance Code includes protection of conscience provision

Child at centre of court case dies in Texas

Survey cited to show support for euthanasia among British physicians

Hanging leads to calls for legalization of assisted suicide

Connecticut demands all hospitals dispense morning after pill

Freedom of conscience movement in Belarus

Staff at Catholic hospital reported in rebellion against church teaching

Pro-abortion group demands Canadian physicians refer for abortion

British GPs speak out on conscientious objection to abortion

Canadian Medical Association reaffirms policy: referral for abortion not mandatory

Lobbying for euthanasia continues in Britain

Eugenic screening of embryos for cosmetic reasons

Court rules against objecting pharmacist

National Canadian daily draws attention to abortion

Controversy among Catholics over morning-after pill

Quarter of British physicians reported to refuse part in abortion

Objector provides information, not assistance

April, 2007

2nd assisted suicide bill introduced in Wisconsin

Catholic bishops in Mexico call for conscientious objection to abortion

Complicity in torture

One in 30 survive abortions

Objecting nurse files lawsuit against Ohio County

Assisted suicide bill introduced in Wisconsin

Portuguese bishops support conscientious objectors

British doctors advised to declare position on abortion

Belgian hospitals must be forced to provide or refer for euthanasia

African health ministers approve abortion

Catholic hospital in Britain ordered to stop abortion referrals, contraceptive practices and IVF

Increasing reluctance to participate in abortion noted among UK physicians

Temporary restraining order granted for child

Washington pharmacists' freedom of conscience in question

Wal-Mart reported to be acting against freedom of conscience for pharmacists

"Stealth" tactics to achieve international right to abortion

Brief objects to coercion of physicians to inseminate lesbians

US Department of Justice begins protection of religious freedom initiative

Eugenic screening for Alzheimer's Disease

Austrian court to decide if chimpanzee is human

March, 2007

Objectors to Mental Capacity Act risk jail

Assisted suicide bill passes Californian legislative committee

Public required to pay for sex change surgery

"Pill patrol" urged by Planned Parenthood

Coercive bill defeated in Philippines

Dispute at Catholic hospital in Texas

Organ harvesting before "brain-death"

Canadian nurse fined, suspended for picketing Planned Parenthood

Euthanasia activism in France

Pontifical Academy for Life calls on UN for protection of conscience law

Connecticut considering coercive law

Portugal extends abortion law

American & Canadian palliative care associations no longer oppose assisted suicide

California lawsuit against protection of conscience law to proceed

Vatican newspaper continues controversy over death of Peirgiorgio Welby

Irish Catholic group pressured to facilitate abortion referral

Vermont committee recommends legalization of assisted suicide

February, 2007

Nurses alarmed by transplant procedure

Assisted suicide bill in California threatens dissenting nursing homes

South Dakota bill fails due to protection of conscience clause

Three-child limit law being drafted in Rwanda

Abortion ordered for 13 year old

Morning-after pill legislation flexible enough for Catholic hospitals

Europe threatens to cut aid to Nicaragua to force acceptance of abortion

Woman in UK seeks euthanasia through 'terminal sedation' or starvation and dehydration

Oklahoma senator attacks freedom of conscience

Australian & New Zealand doctors on infant euthanasia

Religion, Conscience, and Controversial Clinical Practices

Euthanasia considered in China

UK physician objects to participation in homosexual adoption

Texas mandate for HPV vaccine for 11-12 year old girls includes protection of conscience provision

Problem of conscientious objection raised in French Parliament

Swiss court grants assisted suicide to mentally ill

January, 2007

Euthanasia sought as 'right' in India

Assisted suicide bill in Hawaii includes protection of conscience clause

Hospice assists in providing prostitute

Failing to provide sex-change operation for early adolescent "a crime"

California position reveals extent of coercion to suppress conscientious objection

UN Committee delegate asks how many Polish doctors fired

Arizona assisted suicide bill includes protection of conscience clause

Alberta offers ethical choice of vaccines

Dispute over morning-after pill in Australia

Nine year old disabled girl surgically altered to stop growth

Lawsuit filed by demoted nurse to go ahead

Eugenic sex selection of embryos in Spain


December, 2006

67 year old gives birth

Italian case illustrates potential for conflict

New UN convention contradicts medical and legal practice

British government approves chimeras, artificial reproduction for homosexuals

BBC alleges killing of newborns for stem cells

Court approves starvation, dehydration

Canadian Physicians for Life asks for choice in vaccines

November, 2006

Appeal of oppressive ruling in New York

British law 'arcane': nurses should dispense abortifacients

Lord Chancellor of England threatens objectors with prosecution

Nuffield Council comments on conscientious objection

Attack on protection of conscience law fails

Morning-after pill legalized by Chilean court; abortion bill introduced

UK researchers seek permission to produce chimeric embryos

Sex selection favoured by UK researcher

UK medical authorities recommend euthanasia for disabled newborns

October, 2006

Thai Buddhists and Catholics against abortion

European Union continues support for coercive policies

More Israeli doctors suspected in illegal experiments

Early premature babies should be denied birth certificates

Catholic hospitals in Australia will refuse therapies from embryonic stem cells

New York Court suppresses freedom of conscience

Probation appears to be standard sentence for euthanasia in Quebec

Royal Pharmaceutical Society demands referral or assistance

Possibility of dialogue in British Columbia

Conscientious objection by Muslim pharmacist sparks protest

Organ donation procedure raises ethical questions

Israeli physicians arrested for illegal experiments

IVF treatments for single women increase in UK

Military physician wins conscientious objector status

Euthanasia rejected by Catalonian physicians

Chimeric embryos to be created in UK

Experimentation on pvs patients proposed

South African nurse goes to Labour Appeals Court

September, 2006

Survey indicates opposition to freedom of conscience in Illinois

Chilean court approves 'morning after pill'

UK authorities unwilling to prosecute for assisted suicide

Italian president calls for euthanasia debate

Britons travel to Switzerland for suicide

Ethicist supports infanticide

Canadian Catholic hospital attacked for ending tubal ligations

Suit against Illinois Governor to proceed

Euthanasia suggested for prison "lifers"

New Jersey Assemblyman declines to support general protection for conscientious objectors

August. 2006

Washington State governor limits freedom for pharmacists

Colombian congress considers regulation of euthanasia

British GP advocates euthanasia

Yale School of Medicine exempts ob/gyn objectors

False claims exposed in abortion case in Argentina

Euthanasia pact made public

Rate of euthanasia in Belgium estimated at over 30 per month

Death by dehydration controversy in United Kingdom

Creation of chimeras in UK condemned

Embryos for sale

Argentinean doctors refuse to perform abortion approved by court

July, 2006

Journalist 'made' the news, charged

Euthanasia campaign continues in the UK

91 year old alleged to have been deliberately starved to death

Abortions begin in Colombia

Wrongful birth, wrongful life suits disallowed in Italy

Compulsory referral demanded by Oregon Board of Pharmacy

Psychology professor advocates creation of chimeras

Morning-after pill offered in advance

Austrian doctor sued for birth of disable child

Children don't need fathers

Australian group wants world-wide one-child policy

European Court decision notifies Irish judiciary of expectation to expand Irish abortion law

June, 2006

Portugal plans to legalize abortion

British Medical Association resumes opposition to assisted suicide

Assisted suicide bill stopped in California

Objections raised to organ donation protocol

Objecting storeowner threatened with boycott

Attack on religious believers implies moral superiority of non-religious belief

New eugenic test- preimplantation genetic haplotyping

British ethicist calls for regulation of involuntary euthanasia

May, 2006

Amnesty International Canada advocates pro-abortion policy

Eugenic abortions in the UK

Mifepristone accounts for almost one third of abortions

Indian nurses compelled to assist with abortion

Catholic Medical Association challenges use of vaccines derived from abortions

Colombian court permits abortion

Kenyan bishops oppose IVF

Lord Joffe's assisted suicide bill defeated

Health care denied on grounds of political activism

Eugenic screening expands in UK

Euthanasia in Spain

Production of chimeras

Another British suicide in Switzerland

Amnesty International moving against freedom of conscience

63 year old woman a mother by IVF

Washington State Pharmacy Board continues study of conscience clause

April, 2006

Argument about withdrawal of nutrition goes to European Court

Michigan House approves freedom of conscience measure for insurance companies

Woman continues action to deny freedom of conscience

UK nurses support 'harm reduction' by facilitating self-mutilation

UK nurses opposed to assisted suicide

Washington State pharmacy board drafting policy on conscientious objection

Minnesota legislature considering protection of conscience bills

Hawaiian legislators enact ambiguous "rights" law

Catholic Church contests Guatemalan law

Flemish Socialist Party proposes euthanasia for children

Morning-after pill to be dispensed to 12 year olds without parental knowledge

Spanish cloning legislation condemned

Conscientious objection raised at Ethics 2006 Conference - British Columbia

Protest march in Bogota, Colombia, demonstrates potential for conflicts of conscience

March, 2006

Ukrainian doctors seek asylum in Ireland

Alliance Defense Fund supports Washington pharmacists

Georgia house rejects even limited freedom of conscience measure for pharmacists

Freedom of conscience called for in 2nd trimester abortions

Washington State Pharmacy Board to consider freedom of conscience policy

New Hampshire rejects freedom of conscience

Concerns voiced re: Mental Capacity Act

Minnesota House committee approves pharmacist protection

UK journalist makes news

February, 2006

Pakistani nurse gang raped for refusing to perform abortions

Georgia Senate measure offers limited protection

Indian judge orders sterilizations: threatens dismissal for non-compliance

Connecticut plans oppressive bill

Conscientious objection by anaesthesiologists to participation in execution

Polish woman in court over denial of abortion

New bill would 'presume consent' for organ donation

Wal-Mart ordered to carry morning-after pill in Massachusetts

Catholic hospital in UK in breach of code of ethics

Lack of conscience protection worries professionals in Oregon

Wisconsin pharmacist loses appeal

Slovak government in crisis over conscience treaty

Protection of conscience bill defeated in South Dakota

Catholic hospitals in three states dispensing morning-after pill on demand

Objectors to consider mass resignation from Australian Medical Association

Wal-Mart sued to force store to carry morning-after pill

January, 2006

Conscientious objection in Steinbach, Manitoba

Freedom of conscience in the balance in Nevada

Freedom of conscience issues "gaining new prominence" in USA

Civil suit by pharmacists begins in Illinois

Missouri pharmacist fired for exercising freedom of conscience

British doctor commits suicide in Switzerland

Washington nurses protest retaliation

Survey suggests low rate of euthanasia in United Kingdom

New York Court supports repressive law

Missouri Gov. Blunt attacked for support of freedom of conscience

Slovak opposition party urges referendum on conscience treaty

Federal Court supports nurses against mandatory flu vaccination policy


December, 2005

Compulsory involvement in contraception, IVF

Freedom of choice in health care

European experts demand compulsory referral for abortion

South African nurse returns to court

Swiss hospital to permit assisted suicide

Illinois pharmacists file suit

Suspended sentence for killing son; euthanasia reconsidered in Czech Republic

Plans for hybrid rabbit-human embryos

Controversy in Massachusetts

Draft pharmacist 'conscience clause' dropped in Nevada

Objection to marital status sustained in California

China admits organ harvesting from executed prisoners

French prosecutor supports euthanasia

Prominent bioethicist denigrates sanctity of life ethic

Walgreens suppresses freedom of conscience

November, 2005

Canadian euthanasia bill dies

50 babies survive British abortions each year

Wrongful birth suit in Australia

Mandatory referral not good enough for Planned Parenthood

Conscientious objection permitted by assisted suicide bill introduced in UK House of Lords

Principle of vicarious moral responsibility supported by UN Committee

Wisconsin pharmacist appeals ruling

October, 2005

False term "pre-embryo" used in court case

Sex-selection of embryos approved

Missouri Governor promises conscience protection for pharmacists

Limited protection of conscience measure being considered in Nevada

Spanish Catholic pharmacists refuse to sell condoms

New Zealand GP gives up contraceptive practice

Investigation of euthanasia in New Orleans

Wisconsin Governor vetoes freedom of conscience for health care workers

Euthanasia campaigner will modify bill

Dignitas to open British office

British Medical Association position on assisted suicide repudiated by physicians

Normalization of eugenic screening of embryos

Canadian Bishop opposes euthanasia bill

September, 2005

Groningen Protocol to be approved for infant euthanasia

Attempt to suppress freedom of conscience fails in court

Prostitutes become "sex workers" for disabled

Assisted suicide group opens German office

Wisconsin bill goes to governor

Illinois judge refuses restraining order against governor's rule

Protection of conscience to be debated in Wisconsin Senate

Human stem cells from abortions used in mice

Assisted suicide bill to be debated

Massachusetts legislature overrides veto, legalizes repressive measure

Pharmacies sue Governor of Illinois

Health care cuts jeopardize patients

Wisconsin bill considered in hearing

Ontario College of Pharmacists seeks to suppress freedom of conscience

Medical students' forum planned for Montreal

Euthanasia conference planned in United Kingdom

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists attacks freedom of conscience

Abortion drug advocated in Australia

California bill compels pharmacies to dispense morning after pill

Euthanasia reported in New Orleans after hurricane

Foetal tissue sold in Ukraine

Scientists plan to make embryo with three parents

100 British peers support euthanasia

Peruvian court prohibits distribution of morning-after pill

August. 2005

Survey illustrates potential for conflicts of conscience

Objector begins court case in South Africa

Refusal to transport inmates not a conscience issue

Illinois pharmacists will defy governor's order

Aborted fetal skin used for grafts

Temporary rule becomes law in Illinois

UK Catholic Hospital permits abortion referral

Planned Parenthood criminalizes freedom of conscience

Catholic clergy oppose withdrawal of nutrition, hydration

Irish group challenging Irish ban on abortion

Half of Dutch doctors surveyed report euthanasia requests

Lesbian sues objecting physicians, seeks to deny defence of religious freedom

Morning after pill causes conflict in Mexico

Woman denied nutrition and hydration dies

Legal regulation of euthanasia advocated in Columbia

July, 2005

General Medical Council succeeds in appeal

US House committee holds hearing on attack on freedom of conscience by Illinois Governor

Catholic authority reflects on use of vaccines from aborted infants

Marie Stopes International & Abortion Rights target conscientious objectors

Royal College of Nursing general secretary suggests expanded role for nurses in abortion

Anglican synod at odds with British Medical Association

Michigan governor considering mandatory insurance for contraception

Abortion drugs considered "essential medicine"

Sex-selective abortion feared

Pharmaceutical abortions recommended in UK

June, 2005

British Medical Association no longer opposes assisted suicide and euthanasia

Christian Medical Association protests attack by AMA on freedom of Conscience

Canadian assisted suicide bill includes no protection of conscience provision

Resolutions to British Medical Association involve contentious issue

Conscientious objectors file suit against California

Protection of conscience bill passes Wisconsin State Assembly

Nurse denied promotion due to conscientious objection

Illinois pharmacist sues governor

Treatment may be denied premature babies

Abortifacient birth control planned

May, 2005

More pharmacists sue Illinois governor

Pharmacist accused of berating patient

Freedom of conscience for pharmacists threatened in Missouri

April, 2005

Philippines bill would punish conscientious objection

Planned Parenthood opposes freedom of conscience in North Carolina

Euthanasia rates rise in Belgium, cases increase in Netherlands

Psychologist reinstated

Christian Medical Association opposes California assisted suicide bill

Illinois Court to hear challenge to governor's decree

Belgian pharmacies stock euthanasia kits

Wisconsin pharmacist punished for exercising freedom of conscience

Another Illinois pharmacist sues governor

New bills claim access to contraception a 'right' superior to freedom of religion

California assisted suicide bill includes protection of conscience provision

Illinois pharmacists sue for freedom of conscience

Tube feeding basic care, not treatment

Limited protection of conscience offered pharmacists by California bill

Arizona Governor vetoes freedom of conscience

Pharmacist Freedom of Conscience Act proposed in Tennessee

Infanticide practised in Belgium

Convicted British physician advocates euthanasia

81 year old will not be starved

Abortions up to 34 weeks gestation

Arizona protection of conscience bill passes legislature

Mental Capacity Bill passes in UK; concern expressed for conscientious objectors

Coercive bill vetoed in Colorado

Illinois Governor attacks freedom of conscience

March, 2005

New Wisconsin protection of conscience bill

'Pro-choice' activists campaign to impose their morality on health care workers

Scientists clash over creation of animal-human hybrids

Coercive bill signed in New Jersey

Mental Capacity Bill passes House of Lords, with amendments

Late abortion a 'private sector' procedure in the UK

Muslim pharmacist refuses to dispense morning-after pill

Continued pressure for legalization of infant euthanasia in the Netherlands

Stanford approves breeding of human/mouse hybrids

Judge orders 'ethics class' for pharmacist

February, 2005

Attempt to kill premature baby by neglect unsuccessful

Conception and false terminology - "fertilized egg"

Bill in Georgia, USA, would protect pharmacists

Assisted suicide bill planned for California

Ecuadorian bishops identify key issue in use of morning-after pill

Pope directs attention to definition of death

Arizona committee approves bill

Refusal of Dutch physicians to provide euthanasia being 'investigated'

Conscientious objectors concerned about flu vaccine

Referral not good enough: lesbian demands objectors perform insemination

January, 2005

Scots MP urges discrimination against Catholic schools

Montana committee takes no action on oppressive bill

Mifepristone (RU486) urged without regard for consequences for conscientious objectors

Bill introduced in Arizona to secure freedom of conscience for pharmacists

Nurse goes to South Africa's High Court

Inquest chairman suggests deliberate starvation is 'death by natural causes'

Differing testimony on euthanasia bill indicates importance of protection of conscience legislation

New Jersey bill attacks pharmacists' freedom of conscience

Royal Dutch Medical Association sanctions death for persons not ill

Bill in California attacks freedom of conscience


December, 2004

Center for Reproductive Rights demands in vitro fertilization

UN asks Poland to "track" conscientious objectors

Irish doctor advocates eugenic screening

ACLJ files brief to support protection of conscience law

'Wrongful life' lawsuit rejected

Guidelines sought to regularize illegal killing of infants

Mental Capacity Bill passes

Euthanasia of infants said to be widespread

Lawsuits launched to suppress freedom of conscience measure

Dissension among professional associations over euthanasia

Case of South African nurse to go to Labour Court

Pope notes urgent need for instruction on proper formation of conscience

Suicide in Switzerland renews calls for legalization of assisted suicide in the UK

Guidelines sought on euthanasia of incompetent patients

Four babies killed in Dutch hospital

November, 2004

Withdrawal of treatment in France

Husband may take wife to Switzerland for suicide

Protection of conscience bill introduced in Texas

Queen's University students succeed in human rights complaint

UK pharmacist defended by employer

Florida judge rules life support may be withdrawn

'Pro-choice' groups continue attack on freedom of choice for health care workers

California senator plans attack on anti-discrimination amendment

Referrals for torture criticized

New law will discourage attacks on freedom of conscience

Canadian Justice Minister suggests Commons debate assisted suicide

Medical Federation of Ecuador denounces morning-after pill

Majority of South Africans oppose abortion

Kenyan abortion controversy continues

Abortion law amendment likely to impact South African nurses

Abortion justified on grounds of freedom of conscience

United Nations orders Morocco to decriminalize abortion

Ability to choose Catholic insurance plan angers 'pro-choice' groups

Canadian MP-physician supports legalization of euthanasia

Re-examination of euthanasia suggested by Church of Scotland

Kenyan medical association wants abortion legalized

Canadian woman acquitted of assisting in suicides

Irish woman using European court to force abortion on Ireland

October, 2004

KwaZulu-Natal Parliament rejects protection of conscience provision

Ethics of the bottom line

Opposition to South African bill to liberalize abortion

Assisted suicide bill in UK no longer opposed by physicians' groups

South African nurse denied position

Wisconsin pharmacist at hearing for professional misconduct

US Supreme Court rejects appeal of repressive ruling

UK group wants more involved with abortion

September, 2004

First 'wrongful birth' case in Singapore

Objecting pharmacist faces disciplinary hearing

New Hampshire pharmacist criticized for not referring patient

Continued pressure for euthanasia on Guernsey

International Palliative Care Conference

Abortion bill proposed in Poland

Professor claims doctors assist with suicide or euthanasia of 20,000 annually

Catholic hospitals inducing premature labour for handicapped infants

Euthanasia debate in Netherlands, Spain and UK

Wrongful birth lawsuit launched in California

Accommodation for late term abortions

UK Mental Capacity Bill opposed

Protection of conscience clause survives U.S. House

Belgian bill would legalize euthanasia for children

Gym teacher settles lawsuit

Lord Joffe's bill and Mental Capacity Bill in the news again

Dutch propose euthanasia for children under 12

Euthanasia controversy continues in Britain

Sex selection popular in Australia

State may order withdrawal of wards' life support without consent

August. 2004

French committee recommends 'passive' euthanasia

French government plans to legalize euthanasia

Planned Parenthood urges complaints against conscientious objectors

Nurse in South Africa persecuted for refusal to assist with abortions

Siblings dispute provision of nutrition and hydration for mother; court sanctions withdrawal

'Right' to caesarean section claimed

US medical personnel accused of complicity in abuse of Iraqi prisoners

South African Parliament amends abortion law

'Brain dead' child recovers

Human cloning to begin in UK

Abortifacient drugs to be more widely used in the UK

South Africans fear bill will be used to force nurses to assist with abortions

Opposition to Mental Capacity Bill in UK

Alabama public health ordered to rescind policy

South African physicians concerned that new law jeopardizes freedom of conscience

Terminal sedation in Netherlands associated to death by starvation, dehydration

July, 2004

Pharmacist attacked for exercising freedom of conscience

General Medical Council may appeal ruling

Euthanasia bill in preparation for Scotland

Lack of conscience clause cited as concern in Mental Capacity Bill

Diagnosis cited as reason not to treat infant

Royal College of Nursing to reconsider euthanasia

Audiotapes available from Conflict and Conscience in Health Care

First international conference on ethics, science, and moral philosophy of assisted human reproduction

Embryos to be conceived as tissue donors

Controversy about MAP in Northern Ireland

$60,000.00 damages for birth of child

Controversy continues re: Mental Capacity Bill

Only half of Dutch euthanasia cases are reported

Warning sounded about Mental Incapacity Bill

Protection of conscience amendment added to bill

Blonde hair and blue eyes required

Nicaraguan concerns about abortion

Canadian Pharmacists Association queried by Catholic bishops

Belgium: 400 cases of euthanasia

Chilean court rules against morning-after pill

British Medical Association: abortion survivors should not be neglected

Euthanasia supporter threatening suicide

June, 2004

Alabama suppresses freedom of conscience

New Zealand euthanasia survey

Retired physician defies UK authorities

Mother wins wrongful birth suit in UK

Diocese of Sacramento appeals Catholic Charities ruling

Moral controversy recognized in embryo research

Disputes about morning-after pill continue in South America

Euthanasia in the Netherlands

Bulgarian and South Australian parliaments reject euthanasia, assisted suicide

Abortion controversy continues in Kenya

Researchers in UK fuse frogs' eggs and human nuclei

May, 2004

Eugenic screening by abortion in the UK

County Health Department settles for $40,000.00

New York pharmacist refuses to dispense morning-after pill

Euthanasia/assisted suicide nets probation term in Tasmania

Swiss suicide facility will not refuse anyone

Bill reported to approve euthanasia

Pro-euthanasia play, documentary

Chilean Health Ministry defied by mayor

Spanish physicians to be forced to perform abortions

Euthanasia in France

Drive for legalization of abortion in Kenya

Canadian MP's and Physicians for Life call for protection of conscience laws

Illinois ambulance attendant fired

Judge's ruling may result in starvation and dehydration of patient

Babies conceived for tissue

Controversy in Chile over morning-after pill

Papal statement on nutrition and hydration under study

Ethical concerns raised about Merck Pharmaceuticals vaccines

April, 2004

Euthanasia discussed in New Zealand

University of Manitoba accommodates pro-life medical student

Wisconsin petition drive in support of pharmacists

Decriminalization of euthanasia recommended in Europe

Conscience legislation passes in Michigan

Conscience legislation vetoed by Wisconsin governor

Sex-change ordered for 13 year old Australian girl

Orphaned New York children used in drug experiments

Euthanasia campaigner convicted of attempted murder

Papal statement clarified

Assisted suicide bill moves to committee

March, 2004

Four protection of conscience measures pass Michigan legislative committee

Wisconsin pharmacist fined for acting according to conscience

Sex selection clinic opening in London

Hospital attempts involuntary starvation of patient

96% of Spanish gynaecologists are conscientious objectors

Muslim state cancels vaccination campaign due to fears of clandestine sterilization

English Liberal Democrats advocate legal assisted suicide

Donor baby to be conceived at public expense

Pope declares nutrition and hydration 'morally obligatory' in principle

Medical student in difficulty at University of Manitoba

Swiss move to reduce suicide tourism

New Zealand euthanasia trial begins

Australian nurses testify about assaults to prevent emergency care

UNICEF suspected of clandestine sterilization

Assisted suicide bill moves to House of Lords committee

Assisted suicide increase in Oregon

Assisted suicide bill delayed in Hawaii

Maryland 'conscience clause' inadequate

West Virginia legislating compulsory vaccination

Plans to increase abortion in Poland

Baby conceived to be tissue donor

Planned Parenthood affiliate encourages illegal abortions in Kenya

Controversy in Nigeria over plans to depopulate country

Attempt to reinstate euthanasia in Australia

California Supreme Court rules against freedom of conscience for Catholic Charities

February, 2004

Death by withdrawal of nutrition, hydration in United Kingdom

Wisconsin's governor describes conscientious convictions as "whims"

Universal free in vitro fertilization recommended

Euthanasia contemplated on Guernsey

Pharmacy chain apologizes for exercise of freedom of conscience

Immoral not to clone humans

Wisconsin vote on conscience legislation may come next week

Investigation clears euthanasia advocate

Sex selection for IVF

South African campaign

Three Texas pharmacists fired by Eckerd Corporation

Korean scientists clone human embryo

25% of New York City pharmacies don't carry MAP

Honduran Bishops threaten excommunication for use of "Morning After" Pill

Pharmacist refuses morning-after pill in Manchester

UN wants Ethiopia to legalize abortion, publicly fund contraception

Ambiguous Swiss statement permits assisted suicide

Abortion controversy in Kenya

January, 2004

Wisconsin bill goes to vote

Clinic sued for refusal to inseminate HIV+ couple

Draft 'truth in advertising' bill proposed

Alternative vaccine source

Ethicist endorses eugenic infanticide

Abortion in Northern Ireland

Marty Report supports assisted suicide in Europe

Fathers superfluous for IVF children

Sex-selection of children

Doctor claims to have implanted cloned embryo


December, 2003

Thoughts on euthanasia in the UK

Creative solution to accommodation of conscientious objectors

Protection of conscience bill re-introduced in U.S. Congress

Doctors' group urges new attitude toward euthanasia

Strategy for Center for Reproductive Rights may threaten freedom of conscience worldwide

Bioethics professor advocates sale of organs

Religious objections undermined by priests

Nurse may be reinstated

Concern voiced re: European moral imperialism

November, 2003

American Civil Liberties Union opposes freedom of conscience for religious institutions, affiliates

College of Pharmacists still opposed to freedom of conscience

Euthanasia interest continues in the United Kingdom

Abortion Legalized in St. Lucia

Euthanasia in Europe

Proposal for euthanasia in Lagos

In vitro research causes protests in Kenya

Mental incapacity bill controversy continues in UK

Freedom of conscience for pharmacists in US and UK under attack

Euthanasia advocate dead, wife arrested

Wisconsin Attorney General moves against freedom of conscience

Alberta pharmacist finally reaches agreement

October, 2003

Protection from 'wrongful birth' and 'wrongful life' lawsuits proposed in Wisconsin

Canadian Assisted Human Reproduction Act passes Commons

Model law proposed to prevent starvation, dehydration

Anti-Muslim discrimination identified in England

Judge in Schiavo case said to be mistaken

Resistance to restoration of nourishment

Universal eugenic screening urged in Britain

Retired judge, former governor on assisted suicide 'advisory committee' in Vermont

Emergency bill passed in Florida to prevent starvation, dehydration

Schiavo denied asylum and Holy Communion

Feeding tube removed, starvation watch begins

"Global bioethics" proposed by French president

Italian and French politicians differ on euthanasia

Clash of opinions in Vermont about assisted suicide

Cases highlight deaths by starvation, dehydration

English scientist wants 'discarded' eggs for research

Assisted suicide bill likely to be vetoed

French doctor claims euthanasia probably happens daily

Confused euthanasia discussion in Korea

'Neutrality' being considered in Vermont

September, 2003

"Ethics of the profession" revisited

French government minister suggests euthanasia

Danish professor recommends eugenics

Progress slow for Abortion Non-Discrimination Act

Protection of conscience for scientists and engineers

Concerns about 'palliative care' form in Australia

Alternative to IVF

"Five Live Report: The Terminators?" on BBC

Unprecedented number of letters received by parliamentary committee

Truth in advertising in Australia

Group argues for withdrawal of nutrition and hydration in UK

Kenyans against abortion

Judge orders feeding stopped

Euthanasia prevention bill in United Kingdom

Ethical measles/mumps vaccine available

Draft Mental Incapacity Bill criticized

Organ harvesting concerns in Russia

Majority of Canadians polled favour euthanasia

Legal action threatened against abortion objectors

Case for withdrawal of feeding continues in Florida

Belgian euthanasia statistics in doubt

Assisted suicide bill introduced in Vermont

August, 2003

Free in vitro fertilization proposed in UK

'Wrongful life' claims dismissed

Church leader declines to state views on assisted suicide

American College of Pediatricians supports Abortion Non-Discrimination Act

Christian commentary on AMA ethics articles

'Ethics of the profession' in retrospect

Dispensing 'morning after pill' to be compulsory

July, 2003

Assisted suicide bill narrowly defeated in New Zealand

Needless hysterectomies at Irish Hospital

Coercive family limitation in India

Pro-suicide campaign on Isle of Man

Drug-induced abortions recommended in Britain

Public support for artificial reproduction

Comatose woman can be starved

Limited opportunity to present evidence re: Mental Incapacity Bill

First trimester eugenic screening

Abortion demanded in Kenya

Islamic Council prohibits euthanasia and assisted suicide

Abortion Non-discrimination Act introduced in the US Senate

Food and fluids controversy

British Medical Association supports production of embryos for harvesting cells

Criticism of New York Catholic Conference

Costa Rican official promises elimination of religious influence

Eugenic screening for deafness

EU Commission approves research on human embryos

Judge orders birth control

Artificial reproductive technology and moral controversy

June, 2003

No evidence to support 72 hour window for morning-after pill

Sex-Selective IVF

Concern in UK over potential for euthanasia

UK government proposes universal eugenic screening

Coercive legislation vetoed by Governor in Hawaii

New Belgian government plans to force euthanasia upon hospitals

Compromise worked out in New York

Assisted suicide and euthanasia in Switzerland

Controversy over failure to resuscitate

Issues of conscience dividing physicians

Abortion expansion planned by South African government

Repression of conscience being legislated in Massachusetts

Legalization of euthanasia sought in China

Concerns about minority of experts in Japan

Harvesting tissue from abortion in Australia

Euthanasia activism in U.K. and Australia

Canadian MP wants abortion on demand

Wisconsin bill passes

May, 2003

House of Lords to debate euthanasia bill

Nutrition and hydration to be withdrawn from Australian woman

Controversy in Wisconsin continues

'Excessive paperwork' faulted for failure to report euthanasia

Company seeks tissue from abortion

Use of morning-after pill triples in United States

"Truth in advertising" suggested in Australia

Only non-religious belief or morality allowed

British appeal court permits embryo design

Assisted suicide bills in United States

Physicians oppose assisted suicide in United Kingdom

Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) to fund embryo research

Conscientious objection among military physicians

Wisconsin committee approves protection of conscience bill

Euthanasia bill in United Kingdom

Court challenge looms in Hawaii

Euthanasia campaign in Britain

Human rights commission advocates euthanasia

Public funding proposed for fertility treatments in Japan

Repressive measure stalled in Nevada

Australian court asked to rule on nutrition and hydration

Public funding sought for artificial reproduction

April, 2003

Euthanasia activism in Hungary

Euthanasia in Netherlands said to be down

Kenyan constitutional conference to start

Parthenogenesis used to produce human embryos

Arizona governor vetoes conscience protection

Hawaiian legislature suppresses freedom of conscience

Wisconsin pro-life groups at odds over protection of conscience legislation

Conscientious objection in Mexico potentially unlawful

New Zealand physician expresses concern about Mifepristone

Human cloning proposed for research purposes

New York City council demands 'morning-after pill' be dispensed

Majority of Britons said to favour destruction of embryos for research

English Court of Appeal approves eugenic production of babies for tissue donation

Nevada assembly prefers business over morality

New York Supreme Court approves damages for birth of defective in vitro child

American senators attempt to re-write science

Vatican publishes lexicon

Ethical stem cell bank started in Russia

March, 2003

Euthanasia and assisted suicide in the news in New Zealand

Guernsey euthanasia committee has not yet met

Merck & Co. acknowledges abortion as source of fetal cell lines in vaccines

Survey of morning-after pill use in United Kingdom

United Nations proposes "reward and punishment" to enforce population control

New eugenic screening test

Taiwanese doctors testify against euthanasia

New York mayor vetoes coercive bill

Immigrant woman fired for refusing abortion

Assisted suicide bill in New Zealand

Euthanasia proposed in China

UK attempt to ban euthanasia by starvation and dehydration

Pro-euthanasia postcard campaign in Guernsey

Baby to be made to order as blood donor

US Senate fails to pass coercive measure

Protection of conscience bill moves forward in Wisconsin

Assisted feeding to be withdrawn

Culling surplus by lethal injection

Abortion in Africa

Wrongful life suit in Alberta, Canada

Catholic-Jewish statement affirms freedom of conscience

Abortions demanded at hospital in South Africa

Protection of conscience bills introduced in Wisconsin and Missouri

Australian tribunal claims nutrition and hydration are 'treatment'

February, 2003

TV programme claims Dutch euthanasia guidelines ignored

Slovakia and Vatican negotiating protection of conscience protocol

Treatment and care in advance directives

Hawaiian bill threatens freedom of conscience

Continued pressure for euthanasia in United Kingdom

Preliminary statistics indicate increase in assisted suicide in Oregon

Importance of backing from religious leaders emphasized

Lesbian sues Christian doctor for refusing insemination

Wisconsin sees support, attacks on freedom of conscience

Anti-Muslim bias alleged in British medical schools

Virginia Senate committee kills protection of conscience measure

Dubious survey suggests UK nurses favour assisted suicide

Attacks on freedom of conscience in New Mexico and New York

Canada must pay for sex change operations

Pope reminds Catholic health care workers of duty to form conscience

January, 2003

Umbilical cord yields more stem cells

Joint declaration against abortion

Aborted infants provide eye tissue

Canadian doctor ordered to pay $325,000 for 'wrongful birth'

Abortion statistics and conscientious objection

Virginia committee approves protection of conscience measure

Pressure for euthanasia continues in UK

Pro-euthanasia group gets government grant for counselling

Chinese scientist claims to have cloned humans

Swiss situation clarified

Eugenic screening recommended in Germany

Resistance to performing late term abortions condemned

Freedom of conscience based on human dignity, not religious or cultural equality

West Virginia hospital acknowledges philosophical and religious views

One-child policy to continue in China

Survey indicates "partial birth" abortions have tripled

Freedom of conscience respected by New Brunswick College of Physicians

Mexican National Human Rights Commission denounces coercive measures

Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons accommodates Christian physician

Money offered to clinics to find 'spare embryos'

National health insurance supports in vitro fertilization in Israel

Utah Supreme Court rejects wrongful birth lawsuits


December, 2002

Umbilical stem cells provide non-controversial alternative

Complicity and freedom of conscience

Scots officials not opposed to reproductive cloning

Dutch euthanasia not justified by psychological suffering

Catholic University finally agrees to accommodate Catholic student

Japanese euthanasia society

Canadian parliamentary committee mandates IVF for lesbians, single women

Marketing displaces science in plans for cloning

Australian and Belgian Senates approve destructive embryo research

Respect for human embryos now a "foolish expression"

Maltese protocol preserves national law

The 'ethics of the profession' in retrospect

Study may end transplantation of aborted fetal tissue

Australian euthanasia advocate continues campaign

November, 2002

Ovum uterus transplant avoids financial, medical & ethical problems

Plans to legalize abortion in Peru

Union forced to grant exemption to conscientious objector

Human parthenogenesis proposed

European parliament seeks ban on human cloning

Embryonic stem cells unlikely to be used in therapy

Christian-Muslim unity in Kenya

Embryo harvesting declared ethical

Utilitarian ethics and eugenic screening

Controversy over late term abortion

Bill raises concerns about euthanasia

Concern about euthanasia advocates becoming involved in hospice work

Ultrasound technologist sues for religious discrimination

More questions about necessity of abortion

British citizen commits suicide in Switzerland

Canadian MP re-introduces protection of conscience bill

October, 2002

New terminology: human subjects

Abortion drug trial in Italy

Continued efforts toward euthanasia in Australia

Nurse files suit, employer relents

Abortion provider complains about health care workers

Dispute on necessity of abortion continues

Medical necessity of abortion in dispute

Malta reassured

British doctor suspended six months for encouraging organ trade

Plan to clone human embryos

Article characterizes moral objection as 'blocking access'

Objections to vaccine

Objectors to abortion among English physicians

South African nurse convicted

September, 2002

International conference-Rome

Guernsey to investigate legalizing euthanasia

US House of Representatives passes freedom of conscience bill

US House of Representatives to vote on freedom of conscience bill

Eugenic screening criticized

Belgium legalizes euthanasia

Push for euthanasia continues in United Kingdom

Destructive embryo research approved in California

Euthanasia bill introduced

New guidelines for terminal sedation

Canadian agency accused of discriminating against conscientiousobjectors

Routine eugenic testing refused at fertility clinic

Abnormalities plague clones

Refusal of hospitals to perform euthanasia considered 'problematic'

Bishops protest UN, international pressure

Irish physicians' group favours abortion

Recovered doctor sues hospital

August, 2002

Switzerland reported to be forcing Catholic hospitals to provide abortions

Abortion legalized, conscience protection reduced

Refusing life-sustaining treatment

Washington State suppresses religious freedom

Compulsory abortion training in California

Muslim leaders condemn mass distribution of birth control

Nurse charged in South Africa

Aborted foetuses used in research

British peer claims abortion justifies euthanasia

Medical experimentation on incapacitated

July, 2002

Senators try to force contraceptive & abortifacient coverage

UK court rejects claims re: contraceptive pill

Report predicts abortionist depression

Malta rejects abortion as condition for membership in European Union

German women increasing use of abortifacient drug

Singapore promises freedom of conscience in embryo research

Underground assisted suicide movement

American Civil Liberties Union opposes freedom of conscience

Abortifacient drug to be more widely available in UK

European Union Parliament demands all countries provide abortion

No change foreseen in Dutch euthanasia law

British Medical Association rejects assisted suicide

Woman charged for two assisted suicides

Changes of mind frequent after requests for assisted suicide

June, 2002

Witnesses sought for Abortion Non-Discrimination Act

Adult bone marrow stem cells may displace embryonic stem cells

Wrongful birth lawsuit won in Germany

Millionth in vitro baby born

Controversy erupts in South Africa

US military pharmacies and the 'morning after pill'

Post-abortion stress case

Australian court rejects 'wrongful life' claim

Change nickname of 'morning-after-pill'

Australian lawmaker seeks legalization of abortion up to birth

Religious coalition favours abortion, contraception

Couple demands abortion insurance payment

Abortion Non-Discrimination Act

Union president tries to force objector to pay dues

Poll suggests probability of conflict among Catholics

Switzerland Votes to Legalize Abortion

May, 2002

Late term abortions in Canada up 578 percent

Wisconsin 'wrongful life' suit dismissed

New York's mandatory abortion training vs. conscience

Euthanasia advocate active in Australia

After three years, conscientious objector wins lawsuit

New Jersey Senate bill threatens freedom of conscience

Study finds unacceptably high number of euthanasia deaths in Netherlands

Workplace Religious Freedom Act (US Senate)

European Union may make abortion a condition of membership

Danes favour euthanasia

Fetal ovary used to treat menopause syndrome in China

Belgium legalizes euthanasia

Obstetricians limiting, abandoning practices

Abortion Non-discrimination Act

Threat to freedom of conscience in New Jersey

Ban against "wrongful life" lawsuits challenged

Bias alleged in South African parliamentary hearings

Hawaiian Senate rejects assisted suicide

April, 2002

BBC reports "British woman denied right to die"

Eugenics should be accepted

California and Arizona legislatures attack freedom of conscience

Supreme Court of Canada rejects assisted suicide request

Assisted Suicide Bill Stalls in Hawaiian Senate

Additional complaint against physician delays hearing in Ontario

Extension of conscientious objection beyond health care workers

Wisconsin woman can sue for late diagnosis of pregnancy

British government seeks advice of Voluntary Euthanasia Society for treating mentally incapacitated

Governments asked to buy human organs

Suppression of religious freedom in denominational hospitals touted as 'compromise'

France continues to feel effects of wrongful birth ruling

New York City hospitals plan to train Ob-Gyn residents in abortion

Difficult case goes to Texas Supreme Court

"Immortal" fetal brain cells to be marketed

California governor dismisses freedom of conscience as 'red tape'

Dutch officially legalize euthanasia

Deaf lesbian couple deliberately seek conception of deaf child

March, 2002

British High Court orders physicians to accede to patient desire for death

Protection of conscience bill introduced in US Senate

Politicians 'pro-choice' only for like-mindedEmergency Health Powers Act threatens freedom of conscience

Assisted suicide opinion poll

Britain's largest supermarket chain gives out free morning-after pills

European Court to consider assisted suicide case

Catholic teacher sues union over use of dues

Hawaiian legislators deny freedom of conscience

Jewish organizations offer qualified support for human cloning

Disabled Australian Children Sue Doctors for "Wrongful Birth"

Massachusetts attacks freedom of conscienceBirth control pill manufacturers sued

Assisted Suicide bill passes in Hawaii

New source of stem cells identified

Irish abortion referendum results

Clinic licensed to weed out problem embryos

Morning-after pill banned in Argentina

Canadian Institutes of Health Research approve embryo experimentation

Kansas health professionals urged to support bill

Virginia Senate rejects freedom of conscience

February, 2002

Eugenic screening in Chicago

United Kingdom authority can license human cloning

India considering two child policy

Osteopathic physicians and assisted suicide

Belgian medical students to learn euthanasia techniques

Embryos to be made to order in United Kingdom

Conscientious objectors in New Brunswick facing pressure

Ontario doctor threatened with loss of licence for refusing birth control pill

Kentucky Senate passes bill to protect pharmacists

Kansas Legislature in conscience debate

New Hampshire rejects freedom of conscience in health care

Pro-life split developing in Ireland

Planned Parenthood medical director and the Aryan warrior

Science Magazine seeks to change cloning terminology

Cornell University experiments on live human embryos

Virginia Assembly passes protection of conscience bill

Widow conceives with sperm from dead husband

21 Assisted Suicides in Oregon

American Board of Internal Medicine Revises Hippocratic Oath

Maryland may force 'morning-after-pill' on hospitals

Embryo declared a patient

Potential for conflict apparent in statements of religious leaders

British officials concede mechanism of MAP includes destruction of early embryo

January, 2002

Massachusetts politicians suppress expression of religious conviction

New York Assembly seeks to stop exercise of religious freedom

Supreme Court of Canada on liability for 'wrongful birth'

Civil liberties group attacks religious health care

Pharmacology and the morning-after-pill

Treatment of terminally ill in Israel

Pro-abortion doctors' group established in Ireland

"Wrongful Birth" court decision overruled in France

Netherlands attracting euthanasia seekers

Free 'morning-after-pill' for French adolescents

New York City mayor plans to make abortion training mandatory

Dutch doctors support doctor convicted of murdering patient

Woman sues for unexpected birth

Philippine government bans 'morning-after-pill'

Tasmanian situation illustrates peer pressure

Professional organizations suggest advance prescriptions

Chinese one child policy now one child law

Euthanasia officially legal in Netherlands


December, 2001

Illinois attempts to force referral

Permission sought to conceive embryos for tissue donation

Abortion advocates reject freedom of conscience

New Tasmanian abortion law includes protection of conscience provision

Conscientious objection respected in Quebec

Euthanasia in Switzerland

Old news on an unusual condition

Wrongful birth suit dismissed in Germany

Maryland Catholic hospitals at risk

UK approves genetic culling of embryos

Boy seeking sex-change, simultaneous 'fatherhood' and 'motherhood'

Concerns raised over possible amendment to Michigan bill

Japan to allow human-animal hybrids

Wisconsin Bill would stop wrongful birth, wrongful life suits

French doctors fear suits, threaten to stop eugenic screening

Irish House passes bill that denies protection to early embryo

No fetal cells in new smallpox vaccines

Attempt to bar Christian nurse from practice fails

November, 2001

Selective foeticide becoming common

House of Lords rejects "right to die" suit

UN agency accused of bias against pro-life obstetricians

Contradicting state policy may lead to jail in the U.K.

Euthanasia reported among 4% of Australian surgeons

Embryo experimentation approved in Singapore

Anti-terrorism measures and medical practice

Columbian health care workers likely to be pressured

Korean doctors` ethical guidelines raise questions

European Court ruling ghettoizes religious belief in Europe

Irish Medicine Board declares 'morning-after-pill' non-abortifacient

U.K. authority moves to suppress freedom of expression

College of Pharmacists still opposed to freedom of conscience

French Health Minister considers change to euthanasia law

Project advisor addresses Pharmacy Law Institute

Award for essay against freedom of conscience

French doctors ordered to implement law, resigned

Principle of informed consent violated by U.K. nurses

Demands for 'morning after pill' a problem for Catholic health care

Smallpox vaccine may pose moral problems

Japanese university approves destructive embryonic research

British House of Lords accepts appeal of assisted suicide case

October, 2001

Abortion activist indicates "socio-economic" reasons for abortion

Belgian Senate Approves Assisted Suicide

UK Woman loses right-to-die case

Wal Mart sued over contraceptive coverage

Michigan bill would provide "conscience clause"

Planned Parenthood attacks freedom of conscience

Kansas Supreme Court establishes conditional duty to unborn child

Patient ordered starved to death

Medical Students for Choice oppose freedom of choice in health care

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists requires eugenic screening

Project Administration disabled by virus

New York state attacking freedom of conscience

Approval sought for made-to-order baby for marrow donation

American Society for Reproductive Medicine on sex selection

Supreme Court of Canada to hear 'wrongful birth' case

Australian parliamentary report on cloning, stem cell research

British philosopher advocates in vitro sex selection

September, 2001

California Supreme Court to review mandatory contraception ruling

New eugenic screening test not wish to participate.

Minnesota Medical Association split on freedom of conscience

Kansas Pharmacists Association supports freedom of conscience

Teachers' group focuses on ethics, freedom of conscience in education

New York Bishops' Conference protection of conscience campaign

British government plans to accelerate provision of abortions

Euthanasia in Switzerland

NARAL Pennsylvania seeks mandatory contraceptive coverage

Pro-life nurse fired

Disabled North Carolina woman deprived of food, fluids, and antibiotics

August, 2001

English woman argues for right to assisted suicide

More forced abortions reported in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. woman coerced into abortion

Pressure increasing in favour of embryonic experimentation

Conscientious objection respected at University of Florida

Washington state demands compulsory contraceptive coverage

Man-animal hybrid embryos reported to have been formed

Compromise proposed in hospital reorganization

Australian court case illustrates dynamic of expectation

British woman seeks assisted suicideWrongful birth, wrongful life suits

Planned Parenthood intervenes against conscientious objector in civil suit

Court orders feeding tubes withdrawn

Alberta freedom of conscience advocate to speak at Ontario conference

Insurance coverage for contraception in the United States

Belgian proposal for euthanasia

American College of Physicians rejects assisted suicide

California court prevents starvation of patient

United Nations supports compulsory abortion in China

Canadian health minister advised to demand payment for private abortions

Legalization of euthanasia feared in United Kingdom

Hospital petitions to treat burn patient

Japan expected to approve embryo experimentation

July, 2001

Withholding food and fluids in the United Kingdom

British high school ethics course

Pope warns against "coarsening of conscience" in embryonic research, etc.

French Minister of Health contributes to normalization of euthanasia

Irish High Court rejects review of Medical Council decision

New Catholic bioethics institute launched in Canada

Columbian bishops call for conscientious objection

New terminology for cloned embryosEugenic screening expected by French courts

Compulsory vaccination programmes

France forces abortion upon overseas territories

California Court of Appeal rules Catholic Church must pay for contraception

Nurse testifies in U.S. Senate hearing, formally cautioned by employer

President of the Ontario Nurses Association favours conscience legislation

June, 2001

Employee threatened with dismissal for refusing to officiate at homosexual wedding

American Civil Liberties Union opposes freedom of conscience

Protection of conscience law proposed for Italian pharmacists

Pope notes need for conscientious objection

American Catholic hospitals instructed to abide by Church teaching on sterilization

Professor notes society 'very confused' on conscience

Website tracks relationship between corporations, researchers

Planned Parenthood misrepresents ethical obligations

Conscientious objectors in Ireland face increasing threat

Attempt to impose mandatory contraceptive coverage

World's first faculty of bioethics announced

May, 2001

Royal Pharmaceutical Society hostile to freedom of conscience

Spanish government official attacks freedom of conscience

Catholics and Pro-lifers Being Forced Out of Ob/Gyn Profession

Archbishop Calls on Catholics to Disobey New Law

April, 2001

Pharmacists Conscience Clause Given Stamp of Approval

Comprehensive protection proposed in Arizona

Louisiana Senate narrowly rejects coercive bill

South Korean medical association at odds with law

French minister considers euthanasia, neglects conscience

Wisconsin health care workers & pharmacists getting support

Pharmacist survey on 'conscience clause'

Mandatory abortion training suggested in New York

No Christian gynaecologists and neonatologists in Netherlands

B.C. Government wants criticism of abortionists made 'hate crime'

Problematic Illinois bills

Ugandan bishops support conscientious objection

March, 2001

Ethics Committee Faulted

Conference on Conscience in Health Care

University of Toronto Med School cited for unethical practice, coercion

Cardinal Egan challenges New York's attack on freedom of conscience

Kentucky Conscience Bill Passes

February, 2001

Protection for pharmacists sought in three U.S. states

Bottom-line Ethics in Pharmacy Cash vs Conscience in British Columbia

Morning After Pill Spurs Call for Conscientious Objection

Belgian pharmacist refuses to dispense MAP, condoms

Canadian M.P. continues efforts

January, 2001

Pharmacist gains in lawsuit for wrongful dismissal

Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal suggests possibility of compromise